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The Best MLP ETF to Buy Right Now

Explosive growth in oil production has provided master limited partnership (MLP) investors a wave of new opportunities – and a MLP ETF is the best way to tap the sector's best opportunities.

The low price landscape is being reshaped by a wave of M&A activity.

Here's one MLP ETF that will benefit from the industry's changes...

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Investing in MLPs After Kinder Morgan: What You Need to Know

Important Update on Investing in MLPs: Last week, I discussed Kinder Morgan Inc.'s (NYSE: KMI) bombshell announcement that it was effectively abandoning the master limited partnership (MLP) structure it had helped to pioneer.

Since MLPs have long been the go-to for yield-hungry investors, the piece attracted a lot of attention – along with quite a few comments.

Here are some reader questions we received - and answers...

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What the Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) Deal Means for Master Limited Partnerships

With its bombshell consolidation announcement, Kinder Morgan Inc. (NYSE: KMI) has suddenly become the third-largest energy company in America.

In a $71 billion deal, Kinder Morgan is bringing all of its publicly traded companies under one roof as a single C-corporation.

So, does this massive consolidation mark the end of master limited partnerships (MLPs) as a main driver in the energy sector?

Does this massive consolidation mark the end of master limited partnerships (MLPs) as a main driver in the energy sector?

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Marketology: An Easy Way to Start Making 20% More Money (Immediately)

Thanks to hopelessly convoluted tax laws and patchwork regulation – red tape that shows no sign of being simplified – most of us are forced to house our wealth in a variety of accounts. They can run the gamut, from fully taxable to fully tax-advantaged.

Choosing the right ones for your investments is critical.

In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that making sure your money is in the right type of account is nearly as important as the specific investments you pick.

That's because, when you get this right, you can enjoy an additional 10% to 20% advantage over those who don't.

The downside of ignoring this fact, of course, is twofold: diminished returns, and penalties from the government – sometimes both!

Naturally, Wall Street likes it this way, because it helps them "help" you by coming up with a never-ending litany of new products, new regulations, and, of course, new fees.

But don't worry.

Today I'm going to show you how to ensure that your investments are in the right accounts, so that can maximize your returns immediately… and for years to come.

It's easy, too.

Take a look at this "efficiency" chart I made for you...

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One of the Best MLPs to Buy Today

Investing in master limited partnerships (MLPs) has long been known – and loved – as a reliable income source.

MLPs generate stable cash flow by charging user fees for the transportation of oil, gas, and other fuels through pipelines and other energy infrastructure.

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The Big (and Profitable) Changes in MLPs

From the Editor: Shares of MarkWest Energy Partners (NYSE: MWE) are up 63% since Kent recommended them in Energy Advantage. Genesis Energy LP (Nasdaq: GEL) is up 71%. But the MLP market is about to get much more interesting, according to Kent. That's why he's targeting the "clones" now…

From the tax advantages to their high-paying yields, it's hard to beat the returns of a Master Limited Partnership (MLP).

And the good news for us is that this market is about to heat up again, especially when it comes to energy-based MLPs.

You see, the shape and focus of these MLPs is changing fast and for the better – even though it hasn't drawn much attention outside of these pages quite yet.

However, don't expect all of this to remain under the radar for too much longer.

In fact, new "MLP clones" are beginning to emerge that are going to hand us some interesting investment options in the coming months.

For MLP investors, what is about to hit is really something quite new...

Energy Investing

Energy Investors Will Love These New MLPs

The "midstream" segment in oil and gas markets is undergoing some very interesting changes these days.

Remember, these are the companies that connect "upstream" (field production of oil and gas) and "downstream" (refining, processing, wholesale, and retail distribution) functions.

Throughput – moving and storing volume – is the major component of midstream activities, as well as the primary source of revenue. And lots of it.

This market is still the domain of master limited partnerships (MLPs) and other partnership arrangements and used to be primarily populated by pipeline companies.

But the sector is diversifying in an exciting way.

MLP "clones" are starting to emerge, controlling more expanded activities and new product-specific focuses that never existed before.

That means brand-new investing opportunities for you.