NYSE: FB vs. Nasdaq: FB, And the Other Big Facebook IPO Questions

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Investors were on high alert today (Wednesday) for a Facebook IPO, which has rumored to reserve both NYSE: FB and Nasdaq: FB as possible ticker symbols.

A New York Post article reported the two listing companies were in "hot debate" for Facebook.

"Facebook won't significantly change the listing revenues for these companies but there could be a real halo effect wherein other companies decided to list with whichever wins Facebook," Larry Tabb, founder of capital markets advisory firm Tabb Group, told The Post.

Besides the ticker, the biggest questions on investors' minds include:

How much does Facebook want to raise? The latest rumors say the filing will set a preliminary goal of $5 billion, which can be raised if enough investor interest is shown.

"The smaller deal size reflects a decision to start with a conservative base before deciding whether to increase," the International Financing Review reported Wednesday.

Who's handling the deal? The rumored leader in the coveted investing banking spots is Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), Barclays Capital Plc (NYSE ADR: BCS), and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch (NYSE: BAC) involved as well.

How high is Facebook's value? Rumors still say the company could carry a valuation of $90 billion - $100 billion. A $100 billion value would be about five times higher than what Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) was worth when it started trading (Google is now valued at $187 billion).

When will NYSE: FB... or Nasdaq: FB... start trading? Industry insiders expect Facebook will finish the IPO process in May, if everything in the prospectus goes according to planned.

One thing seems likely: the IPO debut has been meticulously planned.

"Facebook is not taking chances with this IPO and wants to make it a blue-chip event," a source told tech site AllThingsD.

Investors can watch for an answer to NYSE: FB vs. Nasdaq: FB and all other questions at the end of trading Wednesday, the most recently rumored time for Facebook to announce its filing.

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