The 10 Top Nasdaq Stocks of 2016

Top Nasdaq StocksThe Nasdaq has climbed to a record high in 2016 - with the top Nasdaq stocks by share-price gains soaring as high as 1,074%!

The Nasdaq is up 11.5% so far in 2016 to 5,438. It hit its record high of 5,487 on Dec. 27.

While 11.5% is healthy - at about double the 5.7% Nasdaq gain for 2015 - it's nothing compared to how much these Nasdaq-listed companies saw their shares rise this year...

We put together the top 10 Nasdaq stocks by share-price gains for 2016 (as of Dec. 21). All are up at least 217%.
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Now here is the list of top-performing Nasdaq stocks of 2016 - see if any of your holdings made it...

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 10: Gravity Co. Ltd.

Gravity Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRVY) is the No. 10 stock on the Nasdaq for share-price gains in 2016. Gravity is a South Korea-based technology firm that focuses on multimedia and graphics software. It develops and distributes online and mobile games throughout the world. As an additional revenue source, GRVY sells merchandise based on the games it produces.

GRVY has seen a 217% rise in stock price year to date (YTD), and its shares currently trade at $10.53.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 9: Helios & Matheson Analytics

The No. 9 top-performing Nasdaq stock is New York City-based Helios & Matheson Analytics (Nasdaq: HMNY). The company offers a wide range of information technology consulting solutions, development of custom applications, and analytics services. These products are sold to Fortune 1000 firms and other organizations within the United States.

HMNY shares have climbed 223% YTD and are currently trading at $4.29.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 8: CyberOptics Corp.

The next Nasdaq stock for 2016 gains is CyberOptics Corp. (Nasdaq: CYBE). The Minnesota-based company is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of high-precision sensor products and semiconductors. Its products are used in particle detection. The sensors are able to monitor airborne particles and report wirelessly in real time.

CYBE has advanced 296% YTD and currently trades at $26.60 per share.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 7: Sino-Global Shipping America

New York-based Sino-Global Shipping America Ltd. (Nasdaq: SINO) is the No. 7 top-performing Nasdaq stock of 2016. SINO is engaged in shipping and inland transportation management services globally. Its shipping agency services include loading, discharging, and protective services in countries that include in the United States, China, Australia, and Canada.

SINO has a 265% increase in its share price YTD and currently trades at $3.35.

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Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 6: Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The Nasdaq stock gains performer at No. 6 is U.S. company Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (Nasdaq: AMD). AMD is a Silicon Valley chip-maker specializing in x86 microprocessors as an accelerated processing unit (APU), chipsets, discrete graphics processing units (GPUs), and semi-custom System-on-Chip (SoC) products.

AMD climbed 281% so far in 2016 and currently trades at $11.47.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 5: China Commercial Credit Inc.

The No. 5 spot on the top-performing Nasdaq stocks of 2016 is a China-based company, China Commercial Credit Inc. (Nasdaq: CCCR). CCCR is a microcredit company serving small- to medium-sized companies, farmers, and retail clients (individuals). It offers direct loans as well as collateral-backed and pledge-backed loan products.

CCCR shares are up 300% in 2016. Shares currently trade at $1.22.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 4: CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The biotech company CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: CLCD) is the No. 4 top-performing Nasdaq stock of 2016. CoLucid is based in Cambridge, Mass., and is focused on developing small molecules for the treatment of migraine headaches in adults. Lasmiditan is in Phase 3 clinical trials. The company is developing several other medications as well.

CLCD climbed 325% YTD with shares currently trading at $36.15.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 3: Corbus Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc.

Corbus Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: CRBP) is the No. 3 top gainer of Nasdaq stocks of 2016. Massachusetts-based Corbus is a biotechnology company engaged in the development and marketing of new therapeutics intended as treatments for inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. Resunab, a novel oral endocannabinoid-mimetic medication, is in Phase 2 clinical trials for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, systemic sclerosis, and skin-predominant dermatomyositis diseases.

CRBP has a stellar 424% increase YTD and currently trades at $8.45 per share.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 2: Globus Maritime Ltd.

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The No. 2 slot on the top Nasdaq stocks list is held by Globus Maritime Ltd. (Nasdaq: GLBS). Athens-based Globus Maritime is an integrated dry bulk shipping company. Its seven dry bulk carriers provide maritime shipping around the world, moving coal, grain, iron, steel products, cement, and other products. GLBS is a subsidiary of Firment Trading Ltd.

Globus made Money Morning's top 10 penny stocks list.

GLBS has soared 967% during the year and currently trades at $5.77.

Top Nasdaq Stocks, No. 1: Magellan Petroleum Corp.

Magellan Petroleum Corp. (Nasdaq: MPET) not only hits the top of list of the 10 biggest stock price gainers on the Nasdaq, but it is also the only Nasdaq stock whose 2016 return was in quadruple digits.

Magellan Petroleum is an oil and natural gas exploration and production firm with just 13 employees. It focuses on developing liquefied natural gas projects along the Gulf Coast.

MPET stock has skyrocketed 1,074% in 2016 and currently trades at $8.46 per share.

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