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The Pentagon Won't Tell You How Dangerous North Korea Is – but Trump Will

North Korea  The North Korean nuke threat and the ongoing mess in the South China Sea are helping fuel a staggering "Asian Arms Race" that the Pentagon doesn't want us to know about.

Various technological advancements are being made in Pyongyang right now that could potentially impart devastating blows on American soil.

For example, North Korea now harnesses the power of hypersonic weapons that could deliver nukes far more accurately than typical ICBMs.

But every time the "Hermit Kingdom" tests a missile or makes an ominous threat against the United States, our Strategic Command (STRATCOM) department – a segment of the Pentagon – reacts dismissively.

Take the North Korean missile launch on Feb. 11 that coincided perfectly with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's recent visit to Washington. That particular test was made no less than two days after President Donald Trump said that defending against North Korea's nuke and missile tests was a "very, very high priority" of his.

But STRATCOM reduced Pyongyang's show of aggression down to a pesky fly buzzing in America's ear…

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"The missile was tracked over North Korea and into the Sea of Japan," the agency said on Feb. 12. "The North American Aerospace Defense Command determined the missile launch from North Korea did not pose a threat to North America."

And that was that.

Here's the catch…

Money Morning Executive Editor William Patalon, III, believes STRATCOM's statement wasn't exactly "the whole truth." And Patalon would know – he's been covering and studying developments within the "Asian arms race" for nearly three decades. Patalon understands how and where to identify potential profit opportunities in the defense manufacturing sector across the Pacific.

And he also knows that neither investors nor politicians should take North Korea for a child playing with its toys…

North Korea Shocked the U.S. Last Year with Nuke Power

Patalon wasn't just concerned about STRATCOM's dismissal of North Korea's threat; he was appalled to learn that Pyongyang's latest launch involved advanced, as-of-yet-unseen technology.

A development about which Uncle Sam just can't afford to be complacent…

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