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Top Marijuana Stocks to Watch This Week (April 3)

Here's a sign of just how popular the marijuana industry has become: According to Cannabiz Consumer Group, 27% of U.S. beer drinkers are legally purchasing marijuana instead of beer or said they would purchase marijuana instead if it were legalized in their state.

And this growing popularity means the profit opportunity from the top marijuana stocks is going to be huge.

For example, Greengro Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: GRNH) has climbed 40% in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, the Dow has climbed just 16.12%. And that's why it's one of the top marijuana stocks to watch this week.

The California-based company designs, manufacturers, and markets eco-friendly cultivation systems across the United States.

It has a wide range of products and services, including:

  • Lighting products
  • Cloning systems
  • Tea brewers
  • Consultation and management services

And we're watching Greengro specifically this week because of a million-dollar deal…

GRNH received a down payment of $600,000 on March 31 from Fresh Local Produce of Ohio, according to Greengro's website. The down payment is part of a $7.4 million franchise deal for a PV-solar greenhouse.

Fresh Local will have access to Greengro's proprietary CEA grow systems and growing techniques. Greengro will receive a 5% royalty on all produce, according to

top marijuana stocks

Some GRNH shareholders may be surprised to learn Fresh Local's main product is lettuce. But that's great news because Greengro can generate revenue through a legal industry until medical marijuana is legalized throughout the United States.

And after doing some extensive research, I also found another pot stock I had to tell our readers about…

But before I do, I wanted to make sure Money Morning readers understand this isn't a firm recommendation. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, which makes pot stocks speculative investments.

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Most trade on over-the-counter markets that aren't regulated like the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and most pot stocks are penny stocks, which are known to be extremely volatile.

Having said that, one cannabis stock has a potential profit opportunity you have to know about…

The Marijuana Stock That Could Climb 201%

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  1. Debbie Fincher | April 3, 2017

    I can't get my husband to believe me about our 401k and I don't know what to do. It is all we have for retirement. I'm trying to start with 500.00 to start investing but I'm don't know anything about it and I'm confused. Any ideas to help me convince him? He says his research shows it isn't going to happen for a few years that 401ks will be touched. Thanks for any help Debbie

    • Randy Thompsen | April 4, 2017

      I bought 10,000 shrs of GRNH @ .056 cents and sold 5000 when it hit .11, then after reading that they haven't kept up with SEC filing, I sold the rest @ .059. Debbie, that's what you need to do if you buy a marijuana stock. Buy one, and when it doubles you sale half and buy another. I don't understand about the 401K. Normally a 401K plan is an employer sponsored plan with too many restrictions to invest in Marijuana. Open an IRA account in TD Ameritrade or Scottsdale or Etrade, they only charge around $6.00 per trade. I bought ADVT today @ .0185, you could get 20,000 shares for $370.00. Advantis Corp. ADVT is going to be a good one. SGBY, Signal Bay a testing company is another good one selling for $.02 cents.

  2. Chris Ruisi | April 3, 2017

    Marijuana cannabis whichever you want to call it has tremendous benefits for people with cancer epilepsy migraine headaches nausea brought on by chemotherapy it helped my wife tremendously she's still passed away it did extend her life cuz she was able to hold down nutrients why doesn't the government wake up wake up take their cut of the action with the cities and towns make money they make money too in my opinion opinion liquor and painkillers and tranquilizers tranquilizing kill more people each day then marijuana will ever in a hundred years I thought this was a country where the people have a say and they're saying legalize marijuana

  3. George Ramos | April 5, 2017

    I'm interested in investing in marijuana stocks.

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