Investing in Clean Energy in 2017 Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Investing in clean energy might sound like it's simply meant to help the environment, but it's actually an extremely lucrative opportunity for savvy investors.

In fact, last year the global market for alternative energy was valued at $1.35 trillion. And that's just the beginning for this sector. As we'll show you, the market for alternative energy investments is about to soar as demand for energy rises and renewable energy costs fall.

That means right now is the perfect opportunity to invest in clean energy to realize the potential profit windfall.

investing in clean energy"The wealth creation is virtually unlimited," Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors said.

And we're going to show you exactly how to invest in renewable energy, including our top clean energy stock, ETF, and access to our report on profiting from the $48 trillion solar industry...

Why Investing in Clean Energy Is so Profitable

The demand for energy is only going to grow, and that makes energy one of the best sectors to invest in.

In fact, the EIA forecasts global demand for energy will rise 25% by 2040 as the global economy continues to develop. That by itself presents a major opportunity for alternative energy investors. More demand means there's more room for the renewable energy market to grow.

But there's more to the story...

Oil and gas will become more and more expensive as these limited resources become scarcer.

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The International Energy Agency forecasts that oil and gas companies will be forced to move into "smaller, more remote or more challenging reservoirs" as existing sources dry up. This means not only will production costs soar, but the scarcity of the resources will push prices higher, too.

That could be a nightmare scenario for the rest of the world's economy, as nearly every sector is reliant on energy.

But that nightmare won't become reality thanks to clean energy.

In fact, the production costs of renewable energy sources are already falling and competing with oil, gas, and coal. That means even as oil and natural gas prices are at some of their lowest points in the last decade, renewable energy sources are still falling to competitive levels.

Last year, Bloomberg reported the costs of solar energy are now 1/150th of their 1970s prices. And more recently, a United Nations study showed renewable energy prices are down 10% in the last year.

Those falling costs mean more renewable energy is being used. That's why 55% of new power comes from alternative energy sources.

"Worldwide, the amount of electricity produced by solar has doubled seven times - just in the last 16 years," Moors said. "Wind has doubled four times in the same period."

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But the growth of clean energy will be even more dramatic once oil and gas prices soar.

The EIA expects electrical power generated by renewable energy to skyrocket if gas and oil prices rise. And the EIA forecasts renewable energy will produce more electric power than coal in the next few years, too.

Check out the potential for renewable energy from the EIA's forecast in our chart below. You can see we are in the very early stages of the alternative energy boom. Electrical power from alternative energy could nearly quadruple between now and 2040.

alternative energy

But to capitalize on this clean energy revolution, investors need to get in early before it really takes off, or they'll risk losing out on the most lucrative gains.

And that's exactly why we're going to show you how to invest in renewable energy. To help you profit from this energy revolution, we're giving you our best clean energy investment plays, starting with our top clean energy ETF.

And after the ETF, we'll show you our favorite clean energy stock to buy now, and we'll also show you how to access our full report on profiting from the $48 trillion solar industry.

Our Clean Energy ETF to Buy Now

Owning an alternative energy ETF gives you the ability to profit from the industry's growth as a whole. But it's also important to own the right energy ETF, that way you know you're getting a fund that's well-managed and will actually grow with the industry.

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One of Moors' top renewable energy ETFs is iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (Nasdaq: ICLN). ICLN gives you "some of the best, broadest exposure to the U.S. and worldwide boom in renewables," says Moors.

And one of the advantages of a clean energy ETF like this one is it gives you exposure to companies throughout the renewable energy supply chain. This means you aren't just owning the companies selling the energy, but you're owning the companies who make the turbines for wind power, the solar cells used in solar panels, and the electrical equipment used to transfer and store this energy.

ICLN is also an excellent play because of its stellar dividend yield of 3.61%. That adds a steady stream of income to renewable energy investors.

ICLN currently trades at $8.47 a share, and it's up 7% on the year.

But for investors looking for specific clean energy companies to invest in, and the possibility of the bigger profits in the renewable energy sector, we've got you covered.

Here's our top clean energy stock pick, plus a look at Moors' solar industry exclusive...

Our Clean Energy Stock to Buy Now

Moors first recommended Woodward Inc. (Nasdaq: WWD) back in July 2015. Since then, it's up 44%, and he thinks this company is primed to ride the upcoming renewable energy boom.

As we mentioned above, harnessing the power of renewable energy is a matter of technological innovation, but these breakthroughs aren't just limited to wind turbines and solar cells. Woodward develops everything from solenoids, converters, aeroderivative turbines, electrical grids, and the software to make it all work.

That means as the market for renewable energy expands, Woodward will play a central role. Whether a business wants to convert to solar power, or a city wants to connect to a renewable energy grid, Woodward's products will be essential to getting the job done.

WWD currently trades at $69.32 a share, and Wall Street analysts are projecting the stock could reach up to $82 in 2017 alone.

And as promised, we're showing you how to get a leg up in the lucrative solar energy industry.

Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors has homed in on the solar industry for its investment potential.

After examining energy forecasts from the International Energy Agency, Moors says $48 trillion could potentially pour into solar energy in the coming years. And his research led him to a small solar energy company that has just patented a remarkable technological breakthrough.

"Every major player in the world is lining up to do business with this company," says Moors. That means its stock price has the potential to skyrocket very soon.

And Moors is offering you access to this solar stock play and all his need-to-know research on the solar industry in a special briefing called Total Domination: Ride Solar's $48 Trillion Energy Revolution!

Find out exactly how to get access right here...

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