Is Airbnb Stock Publicly Traded?

Airbnb has disrupted the lodging industry, giving individuals the ability to compete with giant hotel chains by hosting guests in their homes.

And with Airbnb profits expected to top $3 billion by 2020, our readers have been asking us if Airbnb stock is publicly traded...

airbnbRight now, you can't buy Airbnb stock because it's still a private company.

But according to a June 29 report, we do know CEO Brian Chesky said Airbnb wants to be ready to go public by June 30, 2019.

Because Airbnb was founded in 2008, some investors are wondering why the company is waiting so long to go public.

In a 2017 CNBC report, Chesky said companies fail because they rush an IPO.

And because of plummeting stock prices from other highly anticipated IPOs, waiting to go public could be a smart move...

Why Airbnb Is Still a Private Company

The stock prices of highly anticipated IPOs like Blue Apron Holdings Inc. (NYSE: APRN) and Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) plummeted shortly after going public in 2017.

On June 29, 2017, the APRN stock price opened to the public at $10 per share. From yesterday's (July 16) opening price of $3.65, the APRN stock price has plummeted 63.5% since the Blue Apron IPO date.

The performance of SNAP stock has been almost as bad.

SNAP shares opened to the public at $24 per share on March 2. From yesterday's opening price of $12.95, the SNAP stock price has crashed 46% since the company went public.

Because of these losses, investors could be too scared to purchase Airbnb stock.

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But by waiting to go public, Chesky could protect his company from a disastrous public offering. He wants to make sure the company is set up for success.

We still don't know the exact date when Airbnb could go public.

But before the Airbnb IPO date, we wanted to make sure Money Morning readers were prepared.

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