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Didi Stock Priced High and Is Still the Best IPO to Buy This Year

Chinese ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing (NYSE: DIDI) went public Wednesday, June 30.

The company has been called the “Uber of China.” IPO investors were all over this one, oversubscribing the book and forcing Didi to increase the deal size.

According to Reuters, the Didi IPO is the biggest U.S.

share sale by a Chinese company since Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) raised $25 billion in 2014.

The Didi Chuxing IPO has created a major buy opportunity for American investors.

The Alibaba IPO price was a whopping $68 and it still added a hefty 232% in a short time following its U.S.


It trades at $226 today.

You can expect a similar pattern with Didi Chuxing in the years to come. Here’s why...

Roku Stock Is Soaring – Is It Still a Buy?

Roku stock has soared 30% higher in just the last two weeks, thanks in part to growth in it’s content production department.

No longer content as just an over-the-top device that let’s users stream content from other companies, Roku Inc.

(NASDAQ: ROKU) has been quietly carving out its very own streaming service.

That has investors eager to jump into the tech stock despite its hefty run-up over the last few years.

Roku stock is up 277% over the last year alone.

A totally new streaming service alongside its already successful devices could launch it even higher.

Here’s whether you should follow suit...

Why Duolingo Stock Is a Strong Buy on Robinhood IPO Access

Investors get the chance to buy Duolingo stock at the IPO price via Robinhood starting today.

All you need to do is request shares via the Robinhood app for a chance to be randomly selected to receive the shares.

This is part of Robinhood's new IPO Access feature, giving retail investors rare access to IPO stocks they would not have had before.

And you will probably want to throw your name in the hat for Duolingo stock.

The first (and most recent) IPO stock to go through Robinhood is up more than 100% since the offering.

Figs Inc. (NYSE FIGS) went from a $22 IPO price to $47 today.


Activision Blizzard vs. EA: This Is the Better Video Game Stock

Video gaming got an unexpected catalyst in 2020 thanks to the pandemic, and it's not going to slow down from here.

That has investors eyeing video game stocks like Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI) and Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) as ways to profit from this growing trend.

They are essentially pick and shovel plays for the whole industry.

Both have catalogs of massive hits and are constantly working to develop new ones.

Both are making smart acquisitions that will keep them at the forefront of the video gaming revolution for a long time.

But one stock stands out as the best gaming stock to own...

Why Buzzfeed Stock Is the One Digital Media Company to Buy

Buzzfeed stock will soon go public via merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

The SPAC is called 890 Fifth Avenue Partners (NASDAQ: ENFA) but will soon be called Buzzfeed.

The digital media business model looks shaky to many investors – we talked about this when we covered the Vice Media IPO – but Buzzfeed is different.

Buzzfeed stock might be the one digital media company worth buying when it goes public.


This EV Stock to Buy Today Could See Shares Run 10x Higher

Shah's always on the lookout for the next best high-growth industry – and nothing spells "high-growth" quite like the explosive EV market, projected to hit $802 billion in 2027.

What's more, getting in on the ground floor of a stock in a niche market that'll be riding on the success of a larger, already defined market spells "opportunity."

Just like the stock of this small EV charging company Shah's looking at today…


Amazon Stock Forecast 2025: Wall Street Targets 185% Inc.

(NASDAQ: AMZN) has a full plate these days.

While the company awaits the departure of founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, they also struggle with the prospect of antitrust action by federal regulators.

Meanwhile, they plan to make some key acquisitions, should the feds not get in the way.

All of this has investors wondering about our Amazon stock forecast for the next few years.

Though it’s highly priced after some insane growth over the last 10 years, it still has much further to go.

One analyst gives Amazon stock a price target of $5,500 per share as soon as 2022.

But even that is conservative for what lies ahead.


Why the ATOS Stock Rally Might End Sooner Than You Think

ATOS stock is quickly becoming one of the most talked about stocks on the market.

But does that make it a buying opportunity? We're here to answer that exact question.

Atossa Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ATOS) is a clinical stage biotech company working to discover and develop innovative medicines in oncology and infectious disease with a current focus on breast cancer and COVID-19.

But it's likely you know about the stock from it's incredible rally.

ATOS is up over 170% in the last month and more than 800% over the past year.

If you're just now hearing about ATOS, you might be wondering if this is still an opportunity worth jumping on.

Or maybe you've already invested and want to know if this rally can go higher.

You're in the right place.

Here's everything you need to know about ATOS, including whether it's a buy today...

The Top Four Fractional Shares to Start Building Wealth Today

Not long ago, commissions, transfer fees, "odd-lot" fees, and slow communications were huge barriers of entry for the markets; regular investors were frozen out.

But fractional shares have changed all that, making it easier than ever for more people to build real wealth.

Shah Gilani recommends buying these four fractional shares to get started…