The Green Tragedy… and Red Momentum

Dear Fellow Expat: This morning’s CPI reading didn’t surprise anyone except for Paul Krugman. The embarrassing (but never embarrassed) economist has said over the last few months that inflation is falling. The same message goes for sycophants who are: Protecting their political asses. Doing all they can to deflect from the inflation they caused by […]

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Why the Tech Sector's Hidden Gem Won't Fly Under the Radar Much Longer

Renewable energy often gets lumped into the energy sector, but it's really all about technology.

You see, unlike commodities like oil and gas, renewable energy sources are unlimited.

It's just a matter of developing the technology that harnesses them, especially in solar.

That also means investing in renewable power is more like investing in the latest tech breakthrough than a typical energy stock.



This Industry Is the Best Backdoor Play on the Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi Arabia has been prepping for the ultimate IPO of its state-run oil industry.

According to the company's prospectus, the Saudi Aramco IPO could take place in December, with shares being priced on Nov. 17.

Selling shares of the oil giant will bring in billions for Saudi Arabia, putting an impressive trillion dollars on the value of the company.

As always, those buying shares in this hot IPO won't be the ones getting rich.

It will be those selling shares that reap the rewards.

But, there is a sneaky "backdoor" that will pay off in a huge way for investors today.



We Made 135% on One Solar Stock - Here's the Next Winner

We're still more than a year away from the pivotal 2020 election, and the political jockeying from both sides of the aisle has already become tiresome.

Instead of being depressed by the nonsense, I'm going to try my damndest to make money from it.

In fact, I already have. Six months ago we recommended the solar stock SolarEdge Technologies on expectations of explosive growth in the renewable energy space.

Now, we've found another stock poised for the same types of gains...