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Earnings Preview - Week of April 15

Watch the Regional Banks Here Friday morning saw the opening of earnings season, but things really start swinging this week. For the week, we’re going to see more than 200 different earnings reports from three major sectors. Last week’s rough start for the banks puts more pressure on the wider swath of companies from the […]

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Dole IPO - Is This Stock a Buy After the Total Produce Merger?

You've probably seen the Dole sticker on a banana.

Well, you will soon find the Dole stock ticker "DOLE" on the New York Stock Exchange.

But Dole stock, while an instantly recognizable fruit and veggie brand, might not be the buy it seems.

We want to help you make an informed decision before getting hyped on this IPO, so we're going to share a few points from the Dole IPO filing today.



How to Play Bitcoin and Bitcoin Stocks Right Now

Following its market debut, high buying volume drove Coinbase’s stock price to well over $400 a share and increased its value to over $100 billion.

With that much cash behind it, COIN has become an instant institution that’s moved the timeline forward on the crypto market.

So, what are the investing implications for Bitcoin and its biggest stocks? While the trend is currently down, Chris will show you some charts that’ll make clear just how big of a buying opportunity this is….



The Best Stocks to Profit on the Strongest Economy in 38 Years

The mainstream media’s putting out a lot of bearish commentary lately.

And Shah wants you to ignore it all – indeed, you’ll be richer for it.

Shah likes every single one of the stocks they’re telling you to avoid.

If you don’t own them already, buy them.

If you own them, buy more.

Here’s why Shah’s so bullish on the long term….



These Five Earnings Trades Let You Cash In When a Stock Moves Up... or Down

We are in the midst of one of the most important earnings seasons to date.

The coronavirus has impacted revenue across the globe, and it isn't over. Now we're getting a glimpse as to how big that impact is.

The pandemic has left 174 million people unemployed worldwide, which has ultimately resulted in $2.1 trillion in lost income. Yet the Nasdaq just hit an all-time high of 11,069.

We don't know which way each stock will go after earnings, but we don't need to…

What we do know is there will be volatility in the coming weeks – and where there's volatility, there's opportunity. There are tons of gains on the table for your taking.

Today, I'm going to show you a strategy that allows you to secure profits no matter what direction stocks move on their earnings reports.

Then I'm going to give five trade recommendations to put this strategy to work now – you want to get into the first one by Thursday… Full Story

Then I'm going to give five trade recommendations to put this strategy to work now - you want to get into the first one by Thursday...