Adobe Systems Inc

Three Stocks: Adobe, SoundHound AI, and Fisker

Adobe Adobe (ADBE) stock is trading 13% lower at $500 this morning after the company forecasted lighter than expected revenue for the current quarter. The company’s earnings report for last quarter beat expectations, but the market is always forward-looking, so the stock pays today. This is still one of the leaders in generative AI, remember […]

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Three Stocks: SoundHound AI, Marathon Digital, and Adobe

SoundHound AI They’re on the move again!  SoundHound (SOUN) shares are doing exactly what was expected after yesterday’s breakthrough $8, as it rallies another 5% this morning to challenge $10. Let’s take a moment to remember why this company made it on everyone’s radar… SoundHound is a voice recognition company that had originally worked with […]

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Why Informatica Stock Is a Buy Today

Informatica (NYSE: INFA) stock went public this week, and is well worth investing in for the long haul. Though long-time investors might recognize this enterprise software developer, those who don’t will want to pay attention. Right now, the stock is trading for $29.75 per share. Before it went private back in 2015, shares were priced at $48.56.

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Wall Street Is Wrong (Again) About This 69% Winner

Making an early move on a stock is key in tech investing if you want to maximize your profits.

And a critical part of this strategy is knowing when to run toward a stock Wall Street's running away from.

In fact, Michael pointed out a beaten-down telemedicine firm last August that's given us gains north of 69%.

If you missed out on any of those profits, don't worry: Wall Street's making the same expensive mistake again, giving us another chance to jump in….



This Stock's Next 1,100% Profit Wave Starts Now

The cloud computing sector's grown more than 306% since 2013 – from a "mere" $58.6 billion to more than $236 billion last year.

Indeed, the numbers indicate cloud computing is likely to grow another 204% to top $718 billion by 2027.

And Michael's convinced this firm could continue to do four times better than the sector as a whole… .


Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Pushes over 28,000 as Investors Prep for Fed Statement

The Dow Jones today will climb higher ahead of the latest update from the U.S.

Federal Reserve.

The central bank will complete its two-day meeting on monetary policy on Wednesday.

Virtually no one expects any changes to the central bank’s stance on interest rates.

However, investors are paying close attention to how the Fed plans to address inflation.

Concerns about the economy continue to swell.




This Double-Your-Money Tech Stock Is a Perfect Play for the Current Market

Investing icon Peter Lynch had a key tip for investors who were looking to cut through the uncertainty to find winning stocks.

His advice: Invest in what you know.

It's a great bit of advice – even when talking about tech stocks.

And it's a great bit of counsel.

In a wild-and-wooly market like the one we're navigating now, focusing on a company whose products, services, and technologies you know, like, and use can give you one heck of a competitive advantage: You'll zero in on discount stocks before the deep-pocketed investment pros even realize there's a bargain to grab.

Today, I'm going to tell you all about one such tech play. It's a company I've been following for more than 30 years. And I've been using its technologies for almost as long.

In short, I'm going to tell you all about a stock that I know.

And I'll do more than just tell you about the company. I'm also going to walk you through the five "screens" that explain why this beaten-down tech leader should be on your personal "watch list" right now.

By the time we're done, if you decide to move on this stock, you'll be investing in what you know, too… Full Story

By the time we're done, if you decide to move on this stock, you'll be investing in what you know, too...

Trading Strategies

A Quick Note on How to Play Stocks in an Uncertain World

Like you and millions of other investors, I've been following the conflict in the Middle East closely; as the past week has shown, events there have the potential to impact multiple global market sectors.

And, not surprisingly, I've got a couple of important observations that could play a pivotal role in protecting your profits and your capital.

One of the most significant things, in my view, is what didn't happen: Markets didn't collapse. Not all that long ago, markets all over the world would've fallen through the floor the instant news of the attacks in Saudi Arabia broke. This time around, however, the markets displayed remarkable resilience. This strength is important to keep in mind.

Also important, though I'm sure you and I wish it weren't: There will be more attacks. The region is just too chaotic to count on peace breaking out.

And most importantly for our chat today, there will be strength in specific stocks if the conflict boils over again. That's what we're going to talk about now - how to concentrate your money to protect your capital and your profits...