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These 3 Tech Stocks Will Keep Crushing the Market

My wife says that at the rate I'm going, we're going to have to buy a new table.

Let me explain. My job as your tech analyst is to go beyond the headlines and find great tech stocks that can absolutely crush the market – in good times and in bad.

And that often means pounding the table for the global tech ecosystem in general, and for market rippers in particular.

That's exactly what I did back on Jan. 11. You may not recall it, but in my mind's eye, it's as if it were just yesterday.

At the time, the tech-centric Nasdaq had entered bear market territory, defined as a 20% drop from a recent high. I said it was "fear and not fundamentals" that was driving the market lower.

I then listed three beaten-down tech leaders I said were poised for big rebounds.

Today, I'm following up let you know – all three just crushed it, as I'll show you.

And I'll also show you why there's still plenty of upside ahead...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Moves Higher as Comcast Makes Bid for Fox

The Dow Jones News Today: The Dow Jones Futures projected a 35-point gain after Comcast Corporation has made an aggressive offer for the assets of 21st Century Fox.

The cable and internet giant has offered $35 per share, countering the offer recently made by Walt Disney Co.

The all-cash offer is a 19% premium to Disney's offer and brings Fox's valuation to $65 billion.

Shares of FOX gained nearly 1% in premarket hours.

Trading Strategies

Don't Be Afraid of Volatility; It's an Extremely Profitable Ace in the Hole

Traders and investors everywhere are spooked by volatility whenever it rears its head. We hear about it every time stocks take a tumble, even if that doesn't happen so much these days. So the Investopedia definition I'll show you is probably the last thing they're thinking of.

"Volatility: A statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for a given security or market index. Commonly, [emphasis mine] the higher the volatility, the riskier the security."

Now, that doesn't sound so scary, does it?

Volatility is nothing more than a statistical tool that shows how much a stock goes up or down. Yet many see volatility as a bad thing, because they equate it to risk. And risk is bad for us, right?

Well, sometimes risk is bad. But to the smart investor, volatility is a difference maker. Because without it, you might as well just buy a CD. More importantly, you have zero chance of beating the market. And where's the fun in that?

That's right: Without volatility, you don't beat the market.

That's why one of my 10 Trading Commandments is "Volatility is a trader's best friend!"

Now, let me prove it to you...