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Dow Jones Pops on Fed's Latest Venture into Bond Purchasing

Dow Jones soared today after the Federal Reserve pledged to start purchasing individual corporate bonds.

That's on top of the exchange traded funds it already plans to purchase.

The central bank said it has up to $750 billion to purchase new forms of corporate credit.

The decision yesterday reversed a significant downturn Monday afternoon.


Dow Jones

Prepare for a Volatile Dow Jones Today as Politics Take Center Stage

The Dow Jones today could be volatile today as three big events in Washington will dominate the news.

President Trump is meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un today, while his former attorney Michael Cohen will testify before Congress on the President's alleged business ties to Russia, and trade negotiations with China continue to stalemate.

But uncertainty doesn't mean you can't make money. We'll break down exactly how to play the volatility today below...


Carl Icahn's Investments Just Got a Presidential Boost

On Dec. 22, 2016, Carl Icahn's investments made him $510 million – more than anyone else that day, according to Forbes.

The reason? News broke of a historically cozy relationship between the billionaire investor and the now POTUS.

In this case, one that is able to get Icahn millions more in profit...