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The Two Best Energy Stocks to Buy in April

Rising oil prices have a positive impact on the price of energy stocks. This is especially true for producers and transport companies that bring supply downstream to the refineries. The higher the price of oil, the more the reserves are worth on an exploration and production firm's balance sheet. And the higher the price of crude, the more fees midstream companies can collect for the transportation and storage of crude oil.

Right now, investors are searching for the best energy stocks to buy right now. To find these companies, we tapped into the Money Morning Stock VQScore™ system. This proprietary system tracks only the world's most profitable companies and assigns them a score based on the probability that their share price will shoot into the stratosphere. A score of 4 or better puts the stock in our "Buy Zone," signaling this is the time for investors to acquire shares.

Today, we'll look at the two best energy stocks to buy in April...


Keystone Pipeline Stocks to Watch Now as Trump Flips Energy Policy

President Donald Trump wants more pipelines, which is great news for what we're calling "Keystone pipeline stocks."

President Trump's executive orders to revive the Keystone XL pipeline as well as the Dakota Access pipeline signal a complete policy reversal toward the construction of fossil-fuel infrastructure.

Companies will be jumping at the chance to get projects approved while President Trump is in office.

These Keystone pipeline stocks stand to gain the most...


How the Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Could Burn Oil Stocks

The Obama administration's indefinite delay of the half-finished Dakota Access pipeline has far-reaching implications, all of which are negatives for U.S. oil stocks.

The delay is bound to have a chilling effect on future oil and natural gas pipelines. It means any similar project is at risk of rejection even after it has made it through the permitting process and construction has started.

And that's put these oil stocks in the crosshairs...