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Our Top 5 List of Penny Stocks to Watch Before 2020

This market is going higher, but do you own the right stocks? By "right stocks," I'm talking about those that can power your portfolio to monster returns.

If you're looking for stocks that can gain 100% or even 1,000%, you have to be targeting penny stocks. These small caps are the ones that can easily double in value in a very short period of time.

But what penny stocks should we buy? Here's a look at the top five...


Three Natural Gas Stocks to Buy Before a Price Rebound

Natural gas prices have collapsed over the last few months. The combination of geopolitical tensions, economic woes, and technical breakdowns continue to keep natural gas prices low.

The cooler temperatures in recent days and the lack of tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico haven’t supported prices either.

Investors in natural gas stocks have taken a hit since Memorial Day weekend.

But if you’re a contrarian investor, you have an opportunity to buy into rock-bottom natural gas stocks ahead of the fall and winter months…


One of My Favorite Drillers Is Set to "Strike It Rich" All Over Again

The Delaware Basin in arid western Texas and southern New Mexico used to be a good deal more inviting than it is today.

In fact, around 300 million years ago, when the region was south of the Equator, the area was a lush, tropical reef teeming with Permian life, covered by the warm Delaware Sea, which was part of the ancient Panthalassa Ocean.

Nowadays, the fossilized remains of that reef are exposed in the hot desert air, and the once-aquatic landscape has given way to scrub and the national parklands of Carlsbad Caverns and the Guadalupe Mountains.

The area is also known for its vast, thick deposits of limestone…

… and shale. Virtually endless expanses of oil-rich shale – wellspring of the second American energy revolution.

And one company is in the perfect position to reap the rewards of this ancient treasure...