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These Are 5 Top Penny Stocks to Buy This Week

For investors chasing significant gains with very little up-front investment, top penny stocks are a great profit opportunity.

You see, if a stock trading for less than $5.00 moves just a few cents, it can add up to major percentage gains – and returns for shareholders.

However, that doesn't mean penny stock investing isn't risky. Investors buying penny stocks should never invest more than they can afford to.


10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch This Week - and One You Need in Your Portfolio

Penny stocks are a great opportunity to chase significant gains for little up-front investment.

However, with over 2,800 stocks trading on the NYSE and Nasdaq for under $5, it's incredibly difficult to identify which penny stocks are going to deliver triple-digit returns.

In order to help Money Morning readers identify the top penny stocks to buy right now, we're looking at last week's top-performing penny stocks.


10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch This Week - and One to Buy

Healthcare accounted for half of last week's top penny stocks, with a majority of them delivering over a 50% return.

The top penny stock on our list, Inuvo Inc. (NYSE: INUV) jumped 197% after the company reported an acquisition agreement with ConversionPoint Technologies, a national software firm.

ConversionPoint will purchase Inuvo for $75.5 million with shareholders receiving $0.45 for each share.