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A Robot Pilot Shot Down an F-16 - and That Makes This Tiny Defense Stock a "Buy"

Back on Aug. 20, a U.S. Air Force pilot climbed into an F-16 "simulator" – in essence, a digital copy that does everything a real Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon can do – and squared off in a "dogfight" against an artificial intelligence robot.

The result: The AI robot shot the human pilot down in flames.

Digitally speaking, of course.

The shoot-down of a human F-16 pilot was part of a multi-day dogfight competition sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In fact, it played out in the grand finale of that DARPA "Air Combat Evolution" (ACE) competition – and meant that an AI "algorithm" was crowned as champ.

A robot is America's Top Gun.

It's a next key step in the "Drones Revolution" I've been chronicling for my Private Briefing subscribers.

And for investors like you, it means a hefty "wealth window" has been pushed wide open.

We're talking total "Blue Sky" profits… Full Story

We're talking total "Blue Sky" profits...


Why My Favorite Defense Play Just Got Even Richer

Defense stocks are one of the smartest buys of the Trump era, given his stated commitment to boosting defense spending by $54 billion.

As we've seen, drones and autonomous vehicles are two high-profit ways to play the growth energizing this $1.7 trillion sector…

But the big play, the really disruptive, transformative 21st-century technology… is military lasers.

"Ray guns."

It sounds like science fiction, but it's a fact. Laser weapons are here now, and perhaps as soon as next year they'll change the way the U.S. military fights conflicts all over the world.

You'll have reaped the financial rewards long before that, though.

In fact, this company has already given us more than 27% in gains, and it's barely started flexing its laser know-how...