Nvidia Corp

Here’s How I’m Trading CNBC’s Nvidia Headline

I love it when we see stories like this a few weeks ahead of a company’s earnings report. This was literally the headline that I saw this morning when I popped CNBC.com up for the first time.  Right there at the top of the page is the headline declaring that Nvidia (NVDA) is in a […]

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Nvidia is Poised to Bring the Whole Market Down

It’s the one stock that EVERYONE is watching, it’s the embodiment of “AI,” it’s Nvidia (NVDA)… And it’s getting ready to bring the whole market down. Let’s be clear… Nvidia isn’t about to fall 30-50%, but its stock price is ready for a well-earned break. And that’s bad news for the market. You may remember […]

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Three Stocks: Reddit, Gamestop, and Nvidia

Reddit Reddit (RDDT) shares are taking a well-deserved break today. The stock is trading 12% lower, as sellers appear to be profit-taking on post-IPO gains of more than 100%. As I always say, there’s nothing wrong with taking profits, especially on gains like that in less than a week. Literally, we should expect to see […]

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Nvidia and Other Companies Start Seeing Price Upgrades

It started yesterday, but this is the beginning of a trend that will drive some stocks higher into the earnings season. This morning, UBS (UBS) upgraded their price target for Nvidia (NVDA) shares from $800 to $1,000.  Currently, the average price target for Nvidia shares is about $950 but has been on the rise slightly […]

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We’re Down to the "Fantastic Four" Now

I watched a good friend, Ryan Detrick, interview none other than Cathie Wood a few weeks ago. The interview was informative and fun to watch, but one comment caught my attention. It was when Cathie Wood referred to that group of stocks that we’ve all fallen in love with as the “Magnificent Seven.” Her adjustment […]

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AI Gets a Boost, Fed Pause and Weak Retail Sales

The Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal passed the Senate late last night and will move onto the President's desk, preventing what might have been a U.S. debt default. After a brief slowdown in the unstoppable, artificial intelligence-fueled advance of big tech, the sector is back in full force. Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) climbed roughly 5% on the […]

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Tech Stocks Recapture their Old Mojo as Important Numbers Emerge

U.S Stocks ended mixed on Thursday, with tech stocks leading the way.Nvidia Corp.(NVDA) soared 24%, now sitting squarely as the 5th largest public company in America right behind the trillionaire club.These gains are yet another sign that investors are willing to invest in promising tech stocks, despite the growing worries of a US debt default and impending recession, high interest rates, inflation and a slowing Chinese economy.



How to Profit from the Tech Sector’s Accelerating Decline

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest was a poster child for success in 2020.Between the March 2020 “COVID Crash” lows and February 2021, its top exchange-traded fund, ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK) gained more than 313%.This made ARKK one of the top-performing ETFs, and thrust ARK honcho Cathie Wood into the spotlight as a top stock picker.

So, let’s dig into the data set – it reveals some pretty shocking things about the state of the tech sector in general…