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The 2 Best REITs to Buy Today Have Plenty of Upside Left This Year

Somebody forgot to tell the triple-net lease REITs that the world is ending.

Triple-net REITs own properties that are rented to single tenants.

The tenants are responsible for paying all the expenses associated with the property, including maintenance, taxes, and insurance (that's the "triple-net" part).

The leases tend to be long term with 10-15 years being standard.

The owners collect the rent and pass it on to us as shareholders.

Here are the best REITs to buy to add some much needed income to your portfolio this summer...


One of Our Best Dividend Stocks to Own This Week Is Getting a $45 Billion Catalyst

When you think of dividend stocks you might picture a utility company or insurer.

A boring company in predictable sector.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The tech sector's lightning fast growth is powering some of the best dividend stocks on the market.

Take 5G for example.

Grandview Research estimates the 5G market will reach $45.7 billion this year, and eventually soar up to the trillions.