Best Marijuana Stock You Won't Find on Robinhood

With legal cannabis still an emerging market, it can be difficult to find a marijuana stocks the major exchanges.

As a result, you may have a hard time finding them on Robinhood.

To invest in all the best cannabis stocks, you need to look at the over-the-counter (OTC) markets.

This is where you can trade stocks and other securities without the supervision of a central exchange like the New York Stock Exchange.

Money Morning's Chris Johnson has one marijuana stock pick on the OTC exchanges that deserves your attention today.



Three Great Stocks You Won't Find on Robinhood

For all that mobile-based investing apps like Robinhood can do for investors, there's one really big thing they can't do.

Users are sidelined from the extreme profit potential in America's $15-billion-and-counting legal cannabis sector that's growing by 21% a year.

So today, Don's going to show you a profitable way around that… .


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3 Best Marijuana Stocks to Ride the New Rally Higher 

Marijuana stocks have more than doubled since the election this new rally is just getting started.

The changes at the top in Washington, D.C., have greatly increased the chances of a more favorable regulatory environment for cannabis investing in the United States.

U.S. President Joe Biden and several leading Democrats made it clear during the campaign that they favored federal legalization.

We don't want you to miss out on a cent of potential profits. With marijuana stocks rallying again, here's how to separate the hyped up busts from the real winners...


One Kind of Cannabis Stock Just Did 20x Better Than the S&P 500

The cannabis sector as a whole has risen more or less uninterrupted in the past six weeks. Cannabis was already having a good 2021, as we expected, but it's gotten even better in the last 48 hours.

Why? Well, the prospects for legalization have never been so bright.

Late Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer remarked that marijuana reform was "a key priority" for this session, and two Senators, Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Cory Booker (D-NJ), announced they would be putting forward reform legislation in a matter of "weeks."

Of course, we've sort of heard comments like these before, but the truth is these statements mark the very first time lawmakers have made an actual, formal commitment to marijuana reform.

And that means, despite the rapid 80%-plus profits we've realized already, there's still at least some time left to move into a very specific kind of American cannabis business… Full Story

And that means, despite the rapid 80%-plus profits we've realized already, there's still at least some time left to move into a very specific kind of American cannabis business...

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This Hot "Off the Radar" Sector Is Handing Us the Market's Fastest-Moving Opportunities

On Nov.

24, the Dow crossed 30,000 for the first time in its 124-year history.

But if the Dow included the hottest sector in the U.S.

right now, it would've hit a record high months ago.

Today Don's focusing on this sector, how it's moving even faster than the mainstream stocks, and how it can hand early investors plenty of high-profit opportunities…


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Why This "Sea Change" in Cannabis Is Rewarding Investors with a Huge Wealth Opportunity

I'm in a jam of my own making.

Cold water sprints past just below my knees in a stream coursing by within a solid 1-wood of my front porch. I struggle to keep my water-logged Converse sneakers firmly planted on the slick river rocks underfoot.

Meanwhile, a rat's nest of fishing line rests in my hand.

I'm in this pickle because of a clumsy attempt at keeping my fly out of a limb flush with Autumn leaves reaching over the stream's edge. I panicked and jerked my backcast. Now this jumbled ball of frustration stands between me and another afternoon fishing that ends in a "shutout."

There's an easy solution – an easy "out," of course.

I can just cut the line.

But I don't.

Having arrived in this exact same position a thousand times before has taught me that patience and a couple of well-placed tugs will untangle this unruly mess.

Instead, I hold the hopelessly tangled bundle in my hand and start gently teasing at the knotted mess.

The knots in my leader yield, and I get back to letting the fish outsmart me.

Patience has its own rewards. And sometimes it even pays.

The years have taught me that, whether through pastimes or my 26-plus-year-long investing career, patience has its place. Wield it well, and you get rewarded.

But I've also learned the hard way to recognize the point when patience must yield to action. And when that point comes, you either make your move or watch as one of those all-too-rare opportunities blows right past you.

Those of you invested in cannabis over the past year and a half have learned a thing or two about frustration – and about patience. But now that patience is paying off: We're witnessing a real "sea change" in cannabis stocks this year.

And this sea change means one thing – the time for patience has given way to action.

You don't want to miss the huge wealth opportunity that's coming directly our way.

Let me show you what I mean. And let me show you how to put this bit of investing insight to good use with cannabis stocks… Full Story

Let me show you what I mean. And let me show you how to put this bit of investing insight to good use with cannabis stocks...

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This Could Be the Top Cannabis Company in the Country

It was the first cannabis company in Florida.

And just last week, it celebrated the opening of its 51st dispensary in the Sunshine State.

It was the first to be able to deliver to its customers at scale.

It's licensed to open more storefronts than any other cannabis company is legally allowed to operate.

That's just scratching the surface of how profitable this company can be.

Its unparalleled growth continues to separate it even further from its competitors – making it an impressive case study in how cannabis companies can achieve total market domination.

Right now, this company is securing its status as the leader in one of the biggest medical markets in the country.

And at $13 a share, it's an absolute bargain right now...