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Dow Jones Now Flat on Impending COVID Restrictions

Dow Jones now could struggle as COVID numbers climb. Australia has announced a total lockdown that could last at least six weeks.

Investors are also waiting for the latest update on Americans seeking unemployment benefits.

Economists anticipate that another 1.423 million workers will have filed for unemployment for the week ending August 1.

This report is a critical preview of the trends in the U.S. jobs market.

Tomorrow, the U.S. Labor Department will release the official jobs report for July.


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Dow Jones Now Sliding Back After Earnings Rallies

The Dow Jones now could see some correction after strong gains to start the week.

The S&P 500 has bounced back from its COVID downturn in March.

The index is now just 3% lower than where it sat on its all-time higher on February 19.

With COVID-19 cases reaching 4.71 million, Congress struggles to agree on a stimulus plan.



300 Billion Reasons to Buy the 3 Best Video Game Stocks Now

You don't often hear about the video game industry from Wall Street, but it's on the fast track to becoming bigger than both the film and music industry combined.

The global video game industry is worth a whopping $152 billion right now, while the music and movie industries are worth $19.1 billion and $136 billion, respectively.

Over the next five years, some of the best video game stocks to buy will help push the video game market to even greater heights, too.

Between now and 2021, Statista reports it'll grow 20% to $180.1 billion.

By 2025, Global Data says the video game market could rocket up to $300 billion.


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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Clawing Back After the Year's Worst Sell-Off

The Dow Jones Industrial Average will rebound today as investors recover from the worst daily performance of 2019.

The Dow lost over 700 points after China was slow to stabilize its currency.

Monday’s selloff was largely fueled by speculation that China could weaponize the Yuan in order to bolster its exports and strike back at the U.S. over its latest round of tariffs.

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Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Rallying Despite U.S.-China Trade Woes

The Dow Jones Industrial Average will bounce back slightly after President Trump's Monday announcement that the U.S. and China would know if a deal was possible in the coming weeks.

This was on the heels of the DJIA's worst daily performance since January.

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