This Week’s Data Releases Can’t Miss!

The S&P 500 and other indices have clawed their way back to within 1% of their recent highs after an ORDERLY 5% pullback. Now, I love an orderly pullback more than any investor out there. Producer Price Index (PPI) This is one of the highest impact data points out there as investors continue to watch […]

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Don’t Buy Too Fast

Let’s spend our mid-week market time together talking about the “bottom.” There’s nothing better than the feeling that the market has put in a bottom when you’ve got a pile of cash ready to buy stocks. You’ve got that pile, right? There’s also that “other” feeling. The feeling a week after you bought all those […]

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The Market Rally is Hanging on This Single Number…

Here’s the Bottom Line at the top today… The VIX – Wall Street’s “Fear Gauge” and what I consider the one number you should be watching this week – is now telling you that the dominant emotion in the market is switching from Greed to Fear. Fear-based markets move lower, which means now is the […]

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Markets Live Recap: Here's What Our Experts Are Seeing in Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, and Commodities

During our markets live segments today, April 8, our experts covered it all: stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

So, if you own any of those things… You're going to want to pay close attention.

If you're able to watch live, you can execute the same trades before the majority of the market catches on.

You see, the coronavirus crisis has many second and third layer "knock-on effects," which are affecting all industries – not just restaurants, airlines, cruises, and the other typical industries everyone knows has issues now.

It's also changing the way the world looks at fiat currencies, gold, oil and bonds.

Based on that, here's how our experts – Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani – see as the best way to position for profit today.



The 2 Best Ways to Hedge Coronavirus Volatility

Even though the U.S. Federal Reserve suddenly cut interest rates 50 basis points on Tuesday to combat the market dropping 12% last week, it wasn’t enough to calm markets down.

The day of the emergency rate cut, the Dow Jones dropped 700 points.

On Wednesday, the Dow was up 1,100 points… Only to give back most of the gains on Thursday, when it dropped another 1,000 points.

And halfway through the trading day Friday, it’s already down another 600 points.

Whether coronavirus is the event that takes out the market or not, you have to be prepared.

You need a plan.

And we’ve done the research on how to protect your money.

Here are the two best ways to hedge coronavirus fears in case this volatility continues.



Wall Street Ripped Off Market Volatility Traders - Here's How to Beat Them

Wall Street recently peddled investment tools that allowed retail investors to track the inverse performance of the VIX, an index that tracks market volatility.

Wall Street firms promised immense gains from these funds with manageable risk.

That all went up in smoke on Feb. 5, when the VIX more than doubled in the course of an hour and sent these inverse funds into free fall.

However, retail investors don't have to place their faith and funds in complex financial instruments like the XIV to grow their wealth...

Trading Strategies

What You Know About the VIX Is Wrong - Here's How to Trade It

Most people who know anything about the stock market probably know a few things about the VIX. (I was one of the traders on the floor of the CBOE who came up with the VIX, so I probably know a bit more than most!)

Investors know "the VIX" is a volatility index and that it is often called "the fear index." They know that when the VIX is rising especially quickly, there's a chance there's going to be trouble ahead and markets might be in danger of selling off… or possibly crashing.

But that's like looking at the tip of an iceberg and saying that's all you need to know about what's underneath the surface. That would be a huge mistake. Just ask the captain of the Titanic.

I'm sharing, without the heavy math, a clear look-through to the depths of the VIX as opposed to what you think you see on the surface.

Here's what you need to know about what really floats the VIX and how to trade it for huge gains...