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3 Top Tech ETFs to Buy Right Now

We normally don’t like exchange-traded funds (ETFs) because want better than average returns.

But some tech stocks are so explosive you simply can’t afford to miss out.

And owning the best tech ETFs in those sectors is the simplest way to make sure you don’t.

They’re crucial to any savvy tech portfolio.



Play the Market's Hidden Rally Catalyst

There's an under-the-radar reason why the stock market keeps rallying despite some mediocre economic numbers, constant "noise" out of Washington, and plenty of overheated valuations.

And while it's a bit hidden, it's huge.

In fact, it owned 6% of the U.S. stock market in the first quarter.

And it keeps gobbling things up.

It bought $98 billion in U.S. stocks during the first three months of the year – and that puts it on pace to surpass its total purchases for 2015 and '16 combined.

I'm talking about exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and Main Street investors' big appetite for passive investments.

Those investors keep putting more money into funds they can then forget about – and the market keeps rising.

Now you could join them and buy some passive index funds.

But that's not what we do here. We're in search of investments on the frontier – ones that will double, triple… even quadruple our money.

So let's get active and go in search of three ETFs that will get us to that frontier.

All three will continue to double the market's return - and line your pockets - for years to come...