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Top Marijuana Stocks to Watch This Week (April 17)

The marijuana industry is booming, which is why we share the top marijuana stocks to watch each week.

And there's one on our radar because it is part of the holdings of the world's first marijuana ETF.

The stock price for this company has climbed over 50% so far in 2017. But that may just be the beginning of the profit potential for shareholders, as one firm believes it will climb another 66% in the next 12 months...


Top Marijuana Stocks to Watch This Week (March 13)

The top marijuana stocks are skyrocketing because of increased sales in cannabis.

That's why each week, we provide Money Morning readers with marijuana industry news that could move pot stock prices.

And this week, we have two pot stocks on our watch list. In fact, one of these stocks could climb over 50% in the next year...