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August 2013 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From

Silver Price News Today

Topping silver price news today is how the flight-to-safety trade is back on, as evidenced by recent moves in commodities.

Despite some profit taking Friday, silver prices rose roughly 5% this week and 1% last week. That helped the white metal log a sterling 21.3% gain for August and nearly 30% over the last nine weeks.  

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Keith Fitz-Gerald: How To Invest In Today's Volatile Market

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald appeared on CNBC World to caution investors on how to invest in today's volatile market.

Fed action – or inaction – makes for roiling markets in the days ahead. Fitz-Gerald suspects Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke "won't have the guts to take his foot off the gas" by September.

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Muni Bonds: Beware This Major Flaw in Moody's Rating System

The fallout from Detroit's bankruptcy filing has investors – and even ratings agencies – questioning the validity of the bond rating system.

Now investors need to know if it can be fixed in a way that actually helps those investing in general obligation (GO) bonds.

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The "Smart Money" Is Buying Hard-Hit Gold Stocks Now

Part of the recent move up in gold prices to more than $1,400 an ounce and the uptick in gold stocks is a response to the crisis in Syria.

However, there is a lot more occurring just beneath the surface than geopolitics.

But investors would never get that sense from Wall Street, which is still in the midst of its perennial "hate gold" campaign.

Obamacare Facts: Our New Healthcare Has Created Hundreds of Jobs... For Lobbyists

One of the real Obamacare facts we've shared with you is how the Affordable Care Act will influence private employers to cut hours and jobs across the nation.

There is one group of workers, however, that is still raking in new job opportunities at a stunning rate, thanks to Obamacare.

I'm talking about lobbyists.

Since Congress passed Obamacare, lobbyists have been in high demand by Fortune 500 companies.

Companies like Delta Airlines, UPS, BP America, and Coca-Cola hire lobbyists to help navigate the bill. These lobbyists will remain in high demand until at least 2020 – when some portions of the law will finally be implemented – to help change requirements and seek exemptions.

This grand lobbying push isn't new in Washington, D.C. We've seen a similar lobbyist rollout with previous legislation like the Dodd-Frank Act.

But the Obamacare lobbying highlights a growing trend in Washington. It highlights another "revolving door" that exists: the one between the halls of Congress and the boardrooms of corporations looking to game the system…

How Syria Affects Oil Prices Today

As U.S. military personnel prepare for possible action against Syria, Brent oil prices are hovering near an 18-month high.

On Thursday, Brent oil prices retreated slightly, but remained elevated, after starting the day above $116 a barrel. Prices for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) also retreated by a little more than 1%, closing the day at $108.80.

Brent prices have climbed steadily following escalations across Egypt and the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

Meanwhile, in the United States, improved infrastructure and greater network access have fueled WTI prices to near par with Brent this month.

But Brent prices have spiked this week following news that the West may intervene in Syria, where a chemical attack was allegedly launched against civilians.

Despite warnings from Russia and China, it remains unclear whether the United States will intervene. However, any action is likely to set off a chain reaction across the Middle East and could affect trade within the region, especially on oil shipments.

Here are the details on how Syria affects oil prices, what that means for you – and how to profit.

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Make These Moves Before the U.S. Hits Syria

From the Editor: You're getting special access to Bill Patalon's latest Private Briefing because the situation in Syria is escalating by the hour, and a U.S. strike would have a significant and immediate impact on stocks, but an even bigger impact on oil. So Bill called the one man who'd know exactly what to do…

Oil prices have been surging on fears that the Obama administration is planning to punish Syria for using chemical weapons against its own people.

How to Invest with DRIPs and Boost Your Returns

It's a strategy that isn't discussed often in the financial media, and on top of that, it has an odd name. So if you're wondering why you need to know how to invest with DRIPs, just wait until you learn how powerful they can be.

DRIPs are Dividend Reinvestment Plans – at its most basic, a simple, easy way for long-term investors to reinvest money into a company they already own.