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The Best Stock to Buy Before Christmas

The so-called "experts" needed to see the consumer confidence level reach a nine-year high before they said that people are feeling pretty good about spending their money.

But let's be honest…

It's the holiday season, and we're only two weeks out from Christmas. Of course everyone is shopping!

So instead of wasting your time listening to these pundits analyze pointless fundamentals, take advantage of what the price patterns reveal.

And treat your portfolio to the most lucrative "Christmas stock" there…

Trading "Nordys" Before Christmas Could Deliver Profits for the Next Three Months

gifts-stocks-upBack in September, I introduced you to a bit of an "unusual" trading methodology, compliments of William O'Neil: buy high and sell higher.

Now, you may be thinking that trading a stock at its 52-week high is the same as "chasing prices"… It's not. While it's true that stocks moving higher in price may come down – they don't necessarily come all the way back down. And as investors keep accumulating that company's stock to capture those profits, the stock price gets pushed higher and higher (even after a pullback). In fact, stocks trading at 52-week highs have made investors so much money that they're considered to be "the darlings" of the markets.

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And the price pattern I'm about to show you is no different…

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