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April 2021 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From

Biden Plans to Send This $9 Stock to $90 by 2022

In his free weekly Total Wealth service, Shah’s been talking about stocks that trade for less than $10 a share, but have the chance of returning 3X, 7X, even 10X the initial investment.

That’s because they’re keyed into unstoppable trends backed by trillions in capital.

And today, Shah’s naming a stock that has real “10X” potential, thanks to Biden’s huge infrastructure plan.

Shares can still be had for less than $9, but here’s why that won’t be the case much longer….


Honest Company Stock: Why You Should Avoid It After the IPO

Honest Company stock almost went public before.

Ironically, a lack of dishonesty put it on hold.

The Honest Company, founded by actress Jessica Alba, billed itself as "clean and sustainable," then it was found not to be so.

Five years later, it will trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol "HNST." The company said on April 26 (Monday) that it would shoot for an IPO valuation of $1.5 billion, offering over 25 million shares in the range of $14 and $17.

But is Honest stock more of a buy today than it was then?

How to Play Amazon and Apple Earnings

Earnings seasons news has been overwhelmingly positive – just as we expected.

However, unless you know how to play it, an earnings beat doesn't necessarily add up to huge, instant profits.

Andrew's going to show you why, plus he'll show you how to play this week's biggest movers… .


How to Maximize Profits... and Avoid Wall Street's "Backdoor Tax" on Regular Investors

Mark's just getting started calling out Wall Street's shady practices that they try to pass off as "convenient" for their clients.

One example is the ever-popular commission-free trades.

Don't let the name fool you.

In reality, they're a way for brokers to impose a heavy backdoor tax on regular investors.

The good news is there are three very simple steps you can take – on any brokerage platform – to avoid this and keep what's yours….


Plug Power Stock Prediction 2025: A Potential 313% Gain

Plug Power Inc.

(NASDAQ: PLUG) shares might be down for now.

But the Plug stock forecast for 2025 looks bright.

Sure, we expect the massive electric vehicle renaissance to continue.

But when you dive deeper into this space, you realize it’s about so much more than cars.

It’s about power.

This company stands for the future of something far bigger than transportation.