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Here's What Bitcoin Could Do This Week

Following an eventful few weeks, Bitcoin had a rough couple of days over the weekend.

And while its drop was pretty significant and sudden, Tom's not worried about it in the long run.

He'll show you what actually happened and where we're headed in the next few days, plus a chart that points to where the buying opportunities are… .


Coinbase Stock Options: What You Need to Know

If you were one of the many traders looking for Coinbase stock options to trade after last week's direct listing, you noticed none were available.

That's changed now and options on Coinbase are available for trading this week.

We'll explain exactly why there was a delay on getting options for Coinbase.

Plus, well show you how you can start making money on them right now...

What to Know Before My Big Coinbase Options Trade

While Coinbase has been fairly volatile since its direct listing, it's a big, liquid stock that's all set for a trade.

But before COIN shares could trade, a few basic criteria needed to be met over the first five days of trading.

Well, those criteria have been met, so we're seeing options trades happen right now.

And Shah's already getting an extremely profitable one ready for his Total Wealth readers.

But he's answering some burning questions first… .


Wall Street’s Elite Have Kept This Secret Cash Cow to Themselves… Until Now

Mark Sebastian’s here to make sure regular investors no longer have to be kept in the dark by the Wall Street elite.

Today, Mark’s going to name one of the Street’s most lucrative trades – one they’ve used to maintain an unfair edge for years – so you can have access to it yourself….


Here’s a Look at My Earnings Season Stock Watch List

It's not too hard to pick winners in a market like this one.

But the serious profits go to folks that know the data and use it to trade stocks to juice those profits.

They understand and trade the patterns – the way stocks move.

This knowledge becomes even more critical during earnings season.

That's why Tom's showing you a "trick" the pros use, plus the stocks he's looking at that could be big movers when they report….


Is Grab Stock a Buy After Its $40 Billion SPAC Deal?

Grab stock is going public through a blockbuster, $40 billion SPAC deal.

Grab is Southeast Asia’s first “superapp,” a one-stop shop for services ranging from food delivery, ride hailing, and even financial planning.

Our technology research expert digs deeper into the company to see if the stock is a buy after the SPAC merger.

Check it out...

The Top Stock to Trade in Biden's "Second 100 Days"

Republicans just proposed their own alternative to Biden's American Jobs Act – Capitol Hill is buzzing with spending negotiations.

And regardless which bill comes out on top, the one "sure thing" is that infrastructure stocks are about to have a record-setting year.

That's why Chris Johnson's targeting this domestic cement producer as a prime trade to make now.

And if you get in ahead of their May earnings report, you could capture some explosive, money-doubling gains.

Get the full details here...

Buy This Stock Before the Weather Heats Up

There are tons of profit opportunities in a market like this – you just have to know where to look.

And one of April’s hottest, most unusual stocks rocketed 33% over three weeks or so and then suddenly ran out of gas.

But one of the most reliable indicators Andrew knows of is showing how we can get a second crack at owning this popular company for as much as 10% off the current “sticker price.” Take a look….