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Buy This $4 Stock Monday to Lock In 50% Profits

Markets sold off violently this week as the full scale of inflation fears began to sink in.

Though stocks managed to catch a break on Thursday, the gains were not evenly spread out across indexes.

But a permanent state of volatility seems to be the new normal, and while this spells trouble for the short-term trend, especially Big Tech, Chris isn't worried.

In fact, his chart shows a technical situation unfolding here that'll likely send one small stock soaring 50% or more..



Best Retail Stocks to Buy Before $1,400 Checks Go Out

A major retail sales report just rocked Wall Street week: People are spending money again.

Big time.

And one more thing.

Americans are getting stimulus checks up to $1,400 as soon as next month.

That's going to drive these sales even higher.

That explosion is going to be a pale imitation compared to the sales bonanza we'll see as more people are vaccinated and the pandemic heads off into the history books.

With retail sales already blowing away expectations and more catalysts coming we're taking a deep look into the top retail stocks to help you find the best to own to profit from this breakout.