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Three Stocks: Boeing, Bitcoin, and Alphabet

Boeing Boeing (BA) shares are once again dropping to a critical price support level as the stock is seeing yet another round of bad news in the headlines. First, it has been reported that the FAA is investigating another incident with one of the company’s planes in Chicago after an engine cover fell off a […]

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Three Stocks: Tesla, Alphabet, and Super Micro Computer

Tesla  The Biden Administration can’t make up its mind… Just one month ago to the day (February 18), we saw headlines that the Biden Administration was considering delaying the switch to electric vehicles. The move was partially seen as political to allay fears the Detroit automakers and the unions were having. A month later, and […]

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We’re Down to the "Fantastic Four" Now

I watched a good friend, Ryan Detrick, interview none other than Cathie Wood a few weeks ago. The interview was informative and fun to watch, but one comment caught my attention. It was when Cathie Wood referred to that group of stocks that we’ve all fallen in love with as the “Magnificent Seven.” Her adjustment […]

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