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One of the Best Stocks to Put $100 in Today

A lot of retail investors think "it takes big money to make money" – but they're dead wrong.

This way of thinking is only an "obstacle" on the path to wealth and the good news is, it no longer exists.

Thanks to the fractional shares revolution that's swept over markets, you can now own pieces of a stock, no matter how expensive its trading price, with as little as $100.

And this stock is the perfect candidate…



How to Play Apple Stock Right Now

The best, most successful traders are always ready to turn “pain” into “gain.” Whatever the circumstances, they recognize profit opportunity when everyone else is losing their shirt.

And despite the tech-centric Nasdaq getting beaten down pretty hard right now, the gain will to investors who can spot value and the right levels to buy.

That’s exactly why Andrew’s looking at Apple right now… .



This Top Dividend Stock Just Got Even Better

On Monday night, telecom giant Verizon confirmed that it’s selling its Yahoo! and AOL media holdings to private equity firm Apollo Global Management.

Verizon’s willingness to sell while taking a $4 billion-plus hit shows its eagerness to get out of the media and digital advertising space and re-focus on where the growth really is: 5G.

Here’s what you need to know… .



What to Do with Your Big Tech Stocks Right Now

With the Nasdaq down more than 7% in just a month, investors are wondering whether their Big Tech shares, which performed exceptionally well over the past 12 uncertain months, are about to nosedive.

Shah's breaking down exactly what's going on and just what to do with your Big Tech stocks right now….



Is Coursera Stock a Buy After Its IPO?

The pandemic has many rethinking the entire education process.

The cost of a four-year education is astronomical, and many students spend the first decade or more of their career just paying back the loans they needed to fund their education.

After a full year of lockdown, remote schooling, we expect education to go fully digital at some point.

This makes the Coursera IPO one of the most exciting of the year.




Why FUBO Is the “Cord-Cutting” Profit Play of 2021

With people spending more time at home, subscriber totals for Disney Plus, Netflix, and Roku have ballooned by the tens of millions, and 80% of U.S. households now have at least some way to stream videos.

The quality and amount of content is incredible, but there's something that's been lacking with the services listed above – the ability to just sit down and channel surf live TV, have live news updates running in the background, and watch your favorite sports as they are being played.

Thankfully, products like Alphabet Inc.'s YouTube TV, DISH Network's SlingTV, and Walt Disney Co.'s Hulu Plus Live TV have all helped us unplug from the traditional cable companies that charge an arm and a leg for a bunch of extra channels we don't want or need.

You can now watch live TV with a simple Internet connection anywhere and on any device.

But there's one company that stands out to me above the rest – one that I have been excited about since I spoke with its CEO earlier this year on the Nova-X lifetime podcast, Digitization-X.

Back in July, when I had my one-on-one interview with the CEO, the stock was trading around $10.

Today, it's at $16. But that won't last...