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The 3 Best Stocks to Buy Now Before Copper Prices Soar 60% in 2019

In 2018, copper producers were among the worst stocks in the market. The ongoing trade war between the United States and China was just one of several macroeconomic factors that weighed on prices.

But we like to be greedy when Wall Street is fearful. Because often, the worst-performing asset class from one year is the best-performing asset class the following year.

So, with the help of the Money Morning Stock VQScore™, we think copper is going to be the No. 1 turnaround asset class in 2019. And the VQScore just alerted us to three copper stocks that recently hit our "Buy Zone" and we're excited to share with you today...


5 Best Penny Stocks to Buy in December 2018

Investors love penny stocks because of their ability to generate triple-digit gains. That's why we are bringing you the best penny stocks to buy in December 2018.

You see, a small bump in a penny stock's share price can generate tremendous gains thanks to the low up-front costs of low-price stocks.

However, of the 2,500 penny stocks listed on major exchanges, not all of them are winners.

In fact, most penny stocks lack the robust financials that generate real returns, and they should be avoided.


3 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in August

This month, we've identified the top 3 penny stocks that are on track to deliver tremendous returns for savvy investors.

You see, penny stocks are one of the best ways to lock in returns of over 100% without breaking the bank.

To find the penny stocks with the best profit potential, we use the Money Morning Stock VQScore™ system. Using the VQScore system, we screen for stocks that trade for under $5 - the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's definition of a penny stock.


3 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in July 2019

Penny stocks are one of the best ways to pursue triple-digit gains without spending large amount of money.

However, successful penny stocks are incredibly hard to identify.

In order to give Money Morning readers an advantage, we're bringing you the top three penny stocks to watch in July 2018.

While there are several definitions of penny stocks, we use the official S.E.C. definition: any stock that sells under $5.

This definition allows us to look at value stocks with a wide range of market caps and industries when searching for profits...