This Marijuana Penny Stock Could Soar 363%

Outperforming cryptocurrencies, gold, and the market as a whole, 2018 has been a banner year for marijuana investment.

But for investors who want real profits, marijuana penny stocks are an even better way to take advantage of the booming marijuana industry.

You see, marijuana penny stocks have the kind of growth potential that larger marijuana companies with higher evaluations often struggle to maintain.

They also give investors an opportunities to get in on the ground floor the marijuana industry without breaking the bank.

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This Marijuana ETF Helps You Profit from the Cannabis Industry's $1 Trillion Potential

Today (Oct. 17), Canada fully legalized recreational marijuana, creating a tremendous opportunity in marijuana penny stocks.

You see, marijuana stocks are one of the most popular assets on the market this year.

In a recent report, Bloomberg established marijuana stocks have beat gold, Bitcoin, and the market as a whole in performance this year.

And marijuana penny stocks have even greater profit opportunity since they're on the cusp of the explosive cannabis industry.

Marijuana Industry

Today Is the Biggest Day in the History of Cannabis - Here's What to Expect Next

After months of wrangling, speculating and waiting, Canada marijuana legalization officially happens today (Oct. 17).

This is the day that medical, recreational, CBD, and everything in between will be fully legal, and it will be a huge catalyst for investors who act now.

Today, we want to help our readers navigate the Canadian marijuana market by taking a look at exactly what it means for marijuana stocks and what we can expect going forward.

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Here's What Legalization Means for Cannabis Earnings This Quarter

The game for Canadian cannabis producers will change forever this morning when, somewhere in some eastern Canadian province like Newfoundland or Prince Edward Island, someone purchases the first federally legal, adult-use cannabis product in any G7 economy.

That sale of maybe a single gram of cannabis this morning will change the world over time. But it will alter the course of Canadian business instantly. At that moment, the Canadian market size grows by up to ten times. 

The cannabis market restarts today – all the potential, all the gains – it's all squarely ahead of us right now.

That's ultimately going to reflect across "Big Weed's" bottom lines, and as one who stresses the importance of financials, I couldn't be happier.

Just look at what's happened already, in the run-up to legalization. Aurora Cannabis recently reported its results for the quarter ending June 30; most other companies did so in August. Just about all of them showed increasing revenue, fatter gross margins, higher patient counts, and a focus on higher value-added products.

That's impressive growth, and like I said, today… we restart the clock on all of it.

So let me show you what we can expect from the first "post-legalization" stream of Canadian cannabis earnings reports.

After all, that's where we can find some great, actionable "buy" signals...

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Make This Move by 4 p.m. Today ("Green Wednesday" Tomorrow)

Less than a day remains until Oct. 17.

The sun's going to rise on a different world tomorrow, one in which medical and – importantly – recreational marijuana will be freely available for purchase and use by consenting Canadian adults from the Yukon to Newfoundland.

Investors have even more to look forward to.

The latest analyst estimates (they're consistently being revised upward) could hardly be more bullish.

Research firm Deloitte expects – once you consider the growers, the value-added product makers, the testing labs, security, tourism, exports, and all the rest – the Canadian legal cannabis market soon could reach an eye-watering $22.6 billion.

And even at this late hour, there are still some must-own stocks that American investors can buy – easily, I'd add – to leverage this historic moneymaking opportunity.

Make sure you grab shares of these today...

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The Great Canadian Cannabis Rally of 2018 Is Just Getting Started

The last month of action in Canadian cannabis stocks has many investors wondering:

"Have I missed the boat?"

Since Constellation Brands announced its blockbuster investment in Canopy Growth on Aug. 15, a bumper crop of additional good news has sent major Canadian cannabis stocks rocketing upward.

Cronos Group… 137%

Aurora Cannabis… 129%

Canopy Growth… 110%

Tilray… 613%

With gains like that, it's natural to ask if the boat has sailed, at least for the foreseeable future.

And in some cases, it's true that some of these companies have a lot of work to do to justify their new valuations. 

Fortunately, investors, even if they missed this rally, have incredible upside to look forward to in the cannabis sector...

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Why These Two Pot Companies Keep Exchanging the "No. 1" Title

What an incredible time to own legal cannabis shares – particularly these shares.

Tilray and Aurora Cannabis have been the marijuana sector's "super stocks" of this summer. They've thrown off unthinkably large gains over the past few weeks and months.

Most recently, Tilray was riding high – up more than 30% – on news that it had secured U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) approval to import research cannabis to the University of California San Diego's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.

And as you may have seen the other day, it's Aurora's turn for the spotlight...