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Why These Companies Are Racing to Profit from Oklahoma's Cannabis Market

With every U.S. state that goes "green," we see cannabis companies eager to serve these legalized markets.

The latest state to draw cannabis investment is none other than Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is one of the biggest markets in the country when you look at the number of medical cannabis cardholders per resident. It's estimated that nearly 5% of Oklahoma residents have a medical card, with 15.6 cannabis dispensaries per 100,000 residents. That puts it second only to Oregon.

Doctors in Oklahoma are able to prescribe medical cannabis for any condition. As of Jan. 20, the state had 235,786 patients.

Pair such a large market with the growth potential that more liberal laws offer, and you get more and more cannabis companies – like the ones I'll cover today – heading to the Sooner State… Full Story

Pair such a large market with the growth potential that more liberal laws offer, and you get more and more cannabis companies - like the ones I'll cover today - heading to the Sooner State... Full Story


Here's How to Invest in Marijuana Stocks Online

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Today, we're going to show you how to invest in marijuana stocks online.

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But we're not only going to show you how to buy these stocks.

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The Market Just Put One of the Best Cannabis Stocks on Sale

This week, an 800-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average caused investor fears to spike.

But this has actually created a great opportunity to pick up shares of one of the best cannabis stocks to buy.

We do not think the bull market is over.

Corrections are supposed to happen from time to time, and they provide buying opportunities.

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These Cannabis Heavyweights Are Battling It Out over the "Marijuana Mecca of the Midwest"

Early last month I wrote about how Illinois is primed to become the "Marijuana Mecca of the Midwest," and it seems that we're not the only ones who know about it.

Now that shareholders have approved the landmark agreement for Acreage Holdings Inc. to be acquired by Canadian giant Canopy Growth Corp., Acreage is on the move.

After the deal closed on Thursday, Acreage CEO Kevin Murphy gave an interview at the Players Technology Summit in San Francisco in which he hinted at a number of "head-turner" acquisitions that the company has in the works.

While he was careful not to spill any specifics, he did make one thing clear.

Illinois, which last month became the first state to approve the sale of adult-use cannabis through legislation, will feature prominently in Acreage's plans. When asked about the coming market, Murphy said: "We have designs on going very deep and very broad in that state."

It will be especially interesting to see whether the company makes any moves to benefit from the potential for districts to opt in on "social consumption lounges" – something we thought might happen in Las Vegas, but it will be much more likely in Illinois.

However, when Acreage tries to enter "The Land of Lincoln," it's going to encounter a buzz saw.

We're tracking a couple companies in our portfolios who are already in the state, and they're going to give Acreage more than a hard time.

Let's take a look at some of the companies Acreage is going up against...


The "Marijuana Mecca of the Midwest": What Everyone Should Know About Legalization in Illinois

Stocks are caught up in a storm of fear right now, although that may be abating somewhat. But plenty of otherwise great companies with little to nothing to do with the trade wars are getting caught up in the selling.

Pot stocks are a great example. The truth is cannabis companies aren't really exposed to global trade conflicts, but they've been sliding along with most other shares.

Nevertheless, even knowing the facts – that the marijuana firms we're buying are fundamentally sound – I know times like these make it difficult to hang tough and be patient.

After all, as the events of this week prove, things are unfolding in the cannabis market exactly as they should…

… particularly on the legalization front.

The announcement that Illinois – the sixth most populous state in the Union – has taken cannabis fully legal should come as no surprise to us. But it's still a huge development for the cause of legalization – and, for our purposes here, the quality cannabis stocks we own.

Let me tell you what it's all about...

Trading Strategies

The Dollar Value of the U.S. Weed Market Is Already Huge

The marijuana market as a whole is a lot like the Grand Canyon – it looks fantastic up close, but from a distance, it's absolutely breathtaking.

Last year, total marijuana sales – legal and black market – in the United States topped $86 billion. In 2018, all across the country, nearly 49 million people spent an average of $1,755 each on marijuana.

The thing is, some $68 billion of that was from totally illegal black market sales.

But that still leaves us with around $18 billion in legal transactions. For comparison, that's about the size of the U.S. urgent care healthcare segment in 2018.

So the "$68 billion question," as it were, is how quickly that "legal gap" will close and start putting mega-profits in pot stock investors' pockets.

The short answer: much faster than anyone out there is predicting. Bringing illicit sales into the legal "light" doesn't require convincing new customers to try something new; no new consumption habits need to be formed.

It's a well-established market, full of folks just waiting to fork over their money.

And they will fork it over by the truckload...