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How to Safely Profit on the Next GameStop

Unless you've been camping on Mt. Everest this week, you've heard the deal with GameStop.

The company had been on deathwatch since 2019, and it didn't do as well as other pandemic-era "comebacks"… until the Internet got hold of it. The price action has been just absolutely bananas over the past week or so, as momentum has gathered. In the five minutes since I started to type this, the price has yo-yoed in a $50 range.

GameStop has been a short squeeze of massive proportions, but as of Wednesday, the two biggest short positions, run by Melvin Capital and Citron Research, have been covered and closed. Finito. Andrew Left, the CEO of Citron – which really likes to short stocks – said his traders had covered their short at $90 and taken a 100% loss.

Without the big shorts, there's just no mechanical reason for this rally to continue. It's like a car with the gas light on – you might make it a couple more miles, but one way or another, you're stopping. It could be a matter of hours before those Internet-based investors realize they've bought big into a company that, for all the hype of the past few days, is still a really troubled operation on deathwatch.

Here's the thing, though… GameStop is only the biggest, most famous of these stories right now. Reddit, TikTok, and other social media-based investors have targeted other big Wall Street shorts out there.

I've made a list I'll share with you in a second, and I'll tell you how to play them.

Like I said the other day, cooler, calmer heads have a chance to sneak in the back door, safely pocket some gains, and get out again before anyone realizes what's happened… Full Story

Like I said the other day, cooler, calmer heads have a chance to sneak in the back door, safely pocket some gains, and get out again before anyone realizes what's happened...


Why AMC Stock Isn't a Buy Low Right Now

I've seen some fantastic stock opportunities since the pandemic hit the U.S. economy.

We saw the fastest sell-off in history, followed by one of the most rapid recoveries in history.

We've seen (NASDAQ: OSTK) soar tenfold as traders piled into the stock after the selloff.

An unknown company called Genius Brands (NASDAQ: GNUS) ran up fivefold after announcing comic books based on Stan Lee's characters.

Finally, Waitr Holdings (NASDAQ: WTRH), based in Lafayette, La., jumped more than 1,300% during the pandemic.

These successes have investors looking at beaten-down stocks they think will surely explode higher as soon as the pandemic is behind us.

These are usually airlines, cruise lines, casinos, and theater stocks.

But that's just wishful thinking, especially when it comes to a stock like AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE: AMC).



Markets Live Recap: Why Stocks Cratered to End the Week

Stocks fell to close the week after Amazon and Apple's earnings reports yesterday.

With most of the economy closed, there's not a lot of optimism among investors that next week's earnings reports will be able to drive the market higher.

And to add to that, there are rumblings that the U.S. may impose more tariffs on China.

The Dow fell 622 points, or about 2.5% to close the day.



5 Stocks to Avoid During the Coronavirus Recession

It's clear the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis is creating challenges for most companies.

But for those companies that were struggling before the virus struck, life will be exponentially more difficult.

In particular, companies that were carrying a lot of debt and that were under scrutiny from the credit rating agencies will face a tougher road back to "normal" – if they can even get there.

Stay away from these five stocks right now...


Should I Buy Endeavor Stock?

On May 23, UFC and Miss Universe owner Endeavor Group Holdings Inc. (NYSE: EDR), filed with the SEC for its IPO. That has investors wondering if they should buy Endeavor stock. Endeavor stock has Wall Street hyped up. That's because Endeavor is the biggest talent agency in Hollywood. While it sounds tempting to buy Endeavor […]