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This Is Already the Best Value Stock on the Market - and Just Wait Until Trump Cuts Taxes

I'm getting ready for a monster rally.

As we all know, Trump campaigned on steep tax cuts for individuals and corporations. If he can pass either or both through Congress in his first 100 days, and there's no reason to believe he can't, expect the markets to go stratospheric.

There's more to it than that – the corporate tax cuts are more than just reducing corporations' federal tax liability.

"Repatriation" of U.S. corporations' offshore stash is going to be a huge driver of the next leg up I see coming. The Fortune 500 companies alone have $2.4 trillion parked overseas.

One company in particular has the biggest cash hoard of them all.

I'm going to show you 246 billion reasons to buy it right now. It's the perfect time. This stock will unquestionably lead the surge higher I'm expecting in the next three months...