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Dow Jones Industrial Average Opens Lower Today as Earnings Season Heats Up

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was off 93 points in premarket hours as investors weigh a busy slate of earnings reports and raise new questions about trade discussions by China and the United States.

Markets have largely ignored the U.S. government shutdown and new concerns about the state of Britain's departure from the European Union. Expect investor focus to remain on earnings season.

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This Is Like Buying into the NFL… in 1920

There's not a major sports league in the world today that wouldn't love to undergo 138% growth in just four years.

We're talking a total of 238 million viewers around the world for a new kind of "sport" that didn't really hit its stride until 2010.

To cash in on this fast-growing trend, a group of owners from the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball recently invested more than $140 million to start their own teams.

And if the players look more like computer geeks than athletes, it's because that's just what they are. In the new field of "e-sports," teams duel it out over computer games while fans watch online or, believe it or not, at major arena-type venues like Madison Square Garden.

Here's the thing. Though the field is new, it's already ripe for disruption due to the richly immersive experience of virtual reality (VR).

Today, I'm going to reveal a VR firm that offers us a rare "Convergence Economy" play on the emerging lucrative mix of sports and digital tech.

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