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The 2 5G Tech Stocks to Buy Now That Huawei Is Banned Across the Globe

Huawei, one of the leading 5G firms, has been banned by the United States, the United Kingdom, and countries across the world.

But this isn't just geopolitical hardball.

It's an opportunity for investors.

5G is one of the biggest tech investing opportunities you'll ever see, and one of the leading companies is being barred from the biggest markets in the world.

And the companies that step in to fill that void could have explosive upside...


Who Owns 5G Patents and Technology?

5G revolution is already underway, but who owns 5G patents and technology? With so

many companies worldwide jumping into 5G, it can be hard to find which ones actually

have patents on the technology. Fortunately, Money Morning has done the research for

you and figured out which companies are leading in 5G technology.

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This Tech Stock Will Lead the 5G Revolution

In late 2018, major telecom carriers will begin rolling out 5G networks across the country.

5G is the successor to the 4G/LTE mobile and will be 100x faster than 4G – and even 10x faster than the best home-subscriber broadband service.

This technological leap is creating some incredible profit opportunities for tech stocks.

According to Swedish network equipment manufacturer Ericsson, new 5G-related features could produce as much as $1.3 trillion annually in additional revenue for carriers by 2026.