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Three Powerful Forces Are Converging on the Cannabis Industry

While 20 million to 30 million unemployed Americans is a tough number to stomach, one bright sector of the economy will help many of those affected reinvent their careers – cannabis.

Leading companies like Cresco Labs Inc., Curaleaf Holdings Inc., and Green Thumb Industries are proving that cannabis legalization is a key part of getting people back to work and getting the economy back on its feet.

These companies are still selling, building, and yes, even hiring.

And because of three powerful forces converging on this industry, cannabis will soon prove to be the biggest builder of tomorrow's fortunes.

Here's our Don Yocham with all the details...

Marijuana Industry

Don't Overlook the $4.5 Billion Canadian Marijuana Market While Sessions Battles U.S. Legalization

The Canadian marijuana market isn't receiving too much attention now, but that's going to change.

Jeff Sessions may be the focal point of the cannabis community today, but all of the attention will turn to Canadian pot stocks.

All marijuana use in the entire country will be completely legal come July 1, and it could help send pot stock prices skyrocketing...