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The 3 Best REITs to Buy in 2019

With a potential bear market looming on the horizon, too many investors are overlooking an excellent defensive play against falling stocks: REITS. That's why we're bring you the best REITs to buy in 2019 to add some extra income to any portfolio. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have produced annualized returns equal to 11.61% since 1980 compared […]

That's why we're bring you the best REITs to buy in 2019 to add some extra income to any portfolio...


These 3 REITs Just Earned Our Highest "Score"

The formula for getting rich is pretty simple: Generate higher returns in the shortest time frame possible without taking risks that can decimate a portfolio.

Over a long period of time, gaining a few percentage points per year in one asset class over another is a really big deal.

Compound returns are the difference between success and failure as an investor.

And there's no better way to get those compound annual returns than by investing in REITs...