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The Best Trades to Profit on the Oil and Gas Recovery

The term “supercycle” – an extended, mega-bullish run that can take years to run its course – has been making a lot of headlines lately, particularly when it comes to crude oil.

And whether you’ve been through a supercycle before or it’s your very first time, Andrew’s going to walk you through everything, make his predictions, and, best of all, name some stocks to buy and trade to cash in on what’s coming….


Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Drops Over 120 Points as President Trump Threatens to Impose New Tariffs

The Dow Jones today fell 122 points in premarket trading after President Trump announced plans to impose tariffs on all $505 billion in goods sent from China.

The statement comes a day after Trump's negative comments about the Federal Reserve.

Trump broke precedent by criticizing the central bank over its recent rate hikes.

He said in an interview with CNBC that he is "not thrilled" about the Fed's commitment to tightening monetary policy.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Rises Despite Threat of Government Shutdown

The Dow Jones today is climbing, but Monday could see a pullback if Congress doesn't pass a short-term funding bill to keep the lights on in Washington until Feb. 16.

Dow futures gave back 50 points this morning after peaking at 77 points on news that House Republicans passed a bill to avert a government shutdown. The Senate will now take up the vote; however, it appears that there are not enough votes right now to ensure its passage.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar...