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3 Santa Claus Rally Stocks to Unwrap This Year

While the vaccine rally is still playing out, many traders are already looking ahead to the Santa Clause Rally.

The term "Santa Claus Rally" was first coined by Yale Hirsch of Stock Traders Almanac.

He pointed out the calendar anomaly back in 1972.

In the last five trading days of December, and the first two trading days of January, prices historically have been higher 76% of the time.

According to the almanac, the average gain has been about 1.3%, which is much higher than average for a seven-day stretch.

While those new to the markets in 2020 might think a seven-day move of a puny 1.3% is not even worth discussing, historically, it is a fairly large gain over just seven days.


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The COVID-19 "Meat Shortage" Is a Corporate Cash Grab; Here's How to Play It

I recently shared a mobile phone snap with my Straight-Up Profits readers. I was on a shopping trip here in my home state of Delaware…

At the time, I said there would be no food shortages, but that we'd probably have to settle for different food in different packaging – maybe less processed, maybe of a different variety.

Since then, the headlines about and statements from the food industry have only gotten worse.

Lisa Lochridge, director of public affairs for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, says the food supply chain is in "a disastrous situation." And in an ad – a full page, no less, this past Sunday in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, John Tyson, the board chairman of meat processor Tyson Foods, warns "the food supply chain is breaking."

And the statistics look scary, too. About 33% of U.S. pork processing capacity is down right now, and Tyson just closed its first large poultry plant.

"World's Biggest Wheat Supply Dries Up When Some Want It Most," declares a recent Bloomberg News headline.

Friends and even family are reaching out to me, worried about a pending food shortage. Who wouldn't be after seeing these headlines?

Well, I'm not – and you don't have to be, either. Because this situation is a classic Reality Gap – and another COVID-19 myth that needs handling.

Not only are we not about to run out of food, but there's a very profitable setup unfolding that could put a little extra something on your family table… Full Story

Not only are we not about to run out of food, but there's a very profitable setup unfolding that could put a little extra something on your family table...

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Don't Let Food Shortage Fears Keep You from These Profits

Given the bare shelves in local stores, recent headlines about meat processing plant closures have only elevated concerns that we could run out of food in parts of the country.

It's true some grocery stores have been struggling with restocking, but this isn't because there's not enough food being made.

It's because supply chains are having trouble adjusting to the major shifts we've seen since early March.

Even Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork processor, recently closing down its Sioux Falls, South Dakota meat processing plant indefinitely, doesn't mean our meat supply will disappear.

The truth is, our food supply remains safe and plentiful.

The truth is our food supply remains safe and plentiful. And you can make some nice profits on the overblown panic...