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This "Orphan Drug" Biotech Could Double in Less Than Three Years

The three biggest Big Pharma "blockbuster" medicines of all time target high cholesterol (Lipitor), inflammatory diseases (Humira), and digestive afflictions (Nexium) and have pulled in a combined $350 billion – and counting.

But what about people suffering from rare diseases like cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cancer, and so on?

Here in America, Washington understands the need for these "orphan drugs" targeting rare diseases, which is why the "Orphan Drug Act of 1983" offers a seven-year window of tax reductions and the exclusive right to market a drug for a particular rare disease.

To date, more than 600 orphan drugs have been approved by the FDA.

And the global market for orphan drugs targeting rare diseases is growing at double the rate of the non-orphan market.

But more needs to be done. And that "more" will create a massive investment portal – provided you pick the best-positioned companies.

That's why today, our Michael Robinson going to show you a revved-up leader in the specialty-drugs market whose shares could double in under three years...


How to Cash In on the Biggest Medical Breakthrough of the Decade

Imagine if all it took to treat a case of cancer was taking out the trash.

Now, I want you to imagine that your body could do it all for you.

Hold that thought. Because a tech platform with that very task in mind is set to hit the market sooner than you think and will target a field set to be worth more than $160 billion.

Here's the thing. Several life sciences firms are hard at work perfecting a new class of drugs known as "degraders."

Let me explain. The root of many diseases lies in misguided proteins that bind together. So, the idea here is to come up with a new class of drugs that activate the body's own molecular trash disposal systems.

This is one of the most exciting breakthroughs I've come across in many years. I believe it puts us close to the day when one pill can cure dozens, if not all, diseases.

And in a moment, I'm going to reveal a way investors can target the entire class of protein degraders with one savvy move...


Get Your Hands on the World's First $1 Billion Cannabis Drug

When it comes to biotech, Wall Street tends to overreact. Though there's no reason for it to be there, biotech is in the dog house, and investors have been conditioned to punish the sector and its stocks whenever the opportunity presents itself.

You see, there are three main reasons biotech is down: Wall Street is worried about high and rising drug prices, the impact of a possible trade war on foreign sales, and expiring patents for some older medications.

Over the last several years, for example, I've read a number of Wall Street reports about the so-called "biotech patent cliff." Simply stated, a drug falls off that "cliff" when its patent runs out and it starts facing competition from generics.

And a number of successful drugs out there are rapidly approaching their patent cliffs.

That sounds bad.

But there are good things happening in biotech, as well. In fact, what you don't hear much about is that the industry is about to bust out.

For example, I was thrilled to see a recent report from Clarivant Analytics, a research firm that works closely with industry leaders and top universities, which says a total of 12 compounds being released in 2018 could become blockbusters.

So I went through the data and found one ultimate biotech blockbuster that I think could lead the pack.

Let's take a look...