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Buy the Best REIT Stock Today for Big July Profits

Entertainment stocks, cruise ships, airlines, hotels – all of these have been red-hot over the past few months as part of the “reopening trade.” But the market is flattening, which is a good sign this trade is drying up – all except for one sector.

The last, best reopening play is going to continue to outperform the market for at least the next quarter.



This Healthcare REIT Is One of the Top Income Plays for 2020

According to the Milken Institute, the average per-capita spend on healthcare by Americans over 85 is $32,900 per year. For comparison, the average American only spends $13,700.

Meanwhile, housing for this demographic remains in short supply.

A new NIC study shows that existing supply of 80-plus housing sits at 1.592 million units. By 2040, the U.S. needs to see the number of units increase by 986,000 in order to meet expected demand. By 2030 alone, America needs to add 881,000 new units.

With healthcare spending on the rise and demand for facilities expanding, this industry looks recession proof heading into the next decade.

So today, I'll show you the best way to tap into these trends and the name of the best REIT for 2020 and beyond...