Why the Silver Spot Price Keeps Falling This Week

The silver spot price has been steadily dropping this week thanks to a strong dollar and upbeat economic data.

This is just a short-term blip before prices head higher.

Here's what has been weighing on silver prices and where we see the grey metal heading...


Silver Prices Today Soar – Here's Where They Are Headed

Silver prices are climbing more than 2.56% today after another down week for the precious metal.

Last week, the price of silver faced some major headwinds, and those factors have not disappeared even though silver prices today are higher.

Here's what is moving the price of silver and what is next for the previous metal before 2017.


Price of Silver per Ounce Is Volatile This Week – Here's What to Expect

The price of silver per ounce was highly volatile last week, and many expect that volatility to continue into this week.

Here are the factors that will be moving the price of silver per ounce this week, along with our silver price prediction for the end of 2016.

Here's what to expect from silver prices now...


Why the Silver Spot Price Will Hit $22 by the End of 2016

The silver spot price is modestly lower today (Friday) on fresh talks of an interest rate hike.

Despite the slip, we still see the silver spot price rallying.

In fact, we see silver prices hitting and taking out $22 by the end of 2016...


Where the Silver Price Is Headed Next in 2016

Silver has pulled back as much as 10% since peaking in early August. But we don't see that slide continuing too much longer. In fact, we see the price of silver rebounding steadily before the end of 2016.

Here's everything investors need to know about where the silver price is headed next...


Why Central Banks Are Quietly Loading Up on Gold Shares

Central banks everywhere are quietly loading up on gold shares to the tune of billions.

They're buying miners stocks that could easily double from here, just to catch up to their previous levels.

This "one-stop" fund, up 32% in three months, is the best way you can get in on these profits...


The 3 Best Silver Stocks to Buy Now for Market-Beating Gains

The best silver stocks, and silver prices, have been on a tear this year and are poised for even more significant gains in 2016.

That's why we are sharing the three best silver stocks to buy now.

The trio have all posted sharp gains this year with more expected...


Silver Spot Price Is Correcting – Get Ready for the Rebound

The silver spot price had been soaring throughout 2016, but that run has recently come to an end. We've seen the silver price correct over the last two weeks, and the Fed's hawkish tone last week is sending the silver spot price even lower now.

While the silver spot price may be down this week, we still seen gains coming in 2016. Here's how high silver prices will trade by the end of the year.


Our Silver Spot Price Prediction Shows Double-Digit Gains in 2016

The silver spot price per ounce has fallen nearly 9% this month.

The recent decline comes ahead of Janet Yellen's big speech in Jackson Hole this week.

But we see silver posting double-digit gains after her speech. Here's why...


Why the Price of Silver Will Rebound from Today's Two-Month Low

The price of silver today dropped below $19 for the first time since June 30.

Although it's been beaten down recently, we're still bullish on silver prices this year.

That's why we see the metal rising to this price target by the end of 2016...