Morgan Stanley

Earnings Preview - Week of April 15

Watch the Regional Banks Here Friday morning saw the opening of earnings season, but things really start swinging this week. For the week, we’re going to see more than 200 different earnings reports from three major sectors. Last week’s rough start for the banks puts more pressure on the wider swath of companies from the […]

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Trading Strategies

Stocks to Buy for the “Fractional Shares Revolution”

You got $5?

What if I told you that was enough to get you started with stocks like Amazon ($3,160), Alphabet/Google ($1,527), Apple ($460), Nvidia ($460), or Microsoft ($210)?

The fact is, that's not only possible – it's actually easy to do.

Welcome to the "Fractional Shares Revolution."

It's a Brave New World in the stock market – one that's leveling the playing field like never before.

It's the bridge across the moat.

It's the passkey to the gilded penthouse.

It's the map that will guide you to a life of financial security and meaningful wealth.

And it's a journey you can begin with pocket change.

Mutual funds, ETFs, and other "easy access" investing vehicles are great.

But if you want to retire rich, individual stocks are the way you want to go.

There's no longer any excuse for not being in the stock market, for not staking your claim to some of the riches to be mined there. The barriers to entry have all been dismantled, though it took a long time.

Invest in stocks to retire rich.

Here today, I'll give you the full lowdown on this "revolution" – one that's been revved up by Robinhood Trading Inc.

I'll show you how to use it to your advantage, to empower yourself.

And I'll spotlight some stocks to start with… Full Story

And I'll spotlight some stocks to start with... Full Story


Should I Buy Facebook Stock Right Now?

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is down more than 23% year to date.

And the reason for this dip is more than just a global pandemic.

On March 31 (Tuesday), it was reported that Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) was illegally providing user data to Facebook.

That's even for users without Facebook accounts.

Zoom is now facing a lawsuit, while Facebook could take even more of a hit in the coming weeks.

This raises a question that's been asked countless times over the last three years: should I buy Facebook stock?


Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Remains Volatile After Fed Announces Mother of All Stimulus Programs

The Dow Jones Industrial Average could see big swings this week on the Federal Reserve's efforts to save the American economy.

The U.S. central bank announced a number of new programs to address the systemic challenges faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

These programs include another $300 billion in lending for Main Street businesses, plans to purchase mortgage-backed securities, and more Treasury purchases.


Wall Street

Why the E-Trade Merger Is a Bad Deal for Investors Like You

We're always skeptical when Wall Street takes away your choices.

They are only doing it to make more money from you and that is exactly what we see happening with Morgan Stanley's (NYSE: MS) acquisition of E-Trade Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: ETFC).

As their new client, you will be part of a new revenue generation stream that goes beyond simple brokerage commissions.

Here's what to look out for to protect your money when Wall Street wants even more of it...


Why Listening to the Bears This Holiday Season Could Cost You

Some Wall Street analysts make a career out of being bearish.

These "Chicken Littles" of the investment world are always worried about something.

Politics, economics, China trade, an aging bull market, the weather – you name it, they always have something bad to say.

But we're entering December, what could be the most profitable month of the year.

And there are options trading strategies you can use to take advantage of that.