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This Sector Creates More Billionaires than Any Other on Earth

I just read a Page One story in The Wall Street Journal I found so disturbing that I had to send this to you right away.

The story's main message was that millions of Americans can't afford to retire.

One statistic said it all: 57% of U.S. workers have less than $25,000 in savings.

To me, that's just nuts…

After all, America isn't just the land of opportunity and democratic freedoms – it is the single greatest wealth machine in the history of the human race.

So why are so many Americans struggling right now?

Well, there' no doubt the Great Recession of 2008 cut a swath through a lot of people's savings. Millions lost their jobs and had to rob from their savings to just make ends meet. I sincerely hope that didn't happen to you…

But here's the thing…

Anyone can learn how to build wealth… And anyone can learn how to turn $25,000 into $250,000.

I'm going to teach you how right here…

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Keith Fitz-Gerald: Cyprus is "The First of the Dominoes to Fall"

With guards outside Cyprus banks Friday and depositors reeling after suffering huge losses, the nation's central bank reassured residents they wouldn't face restrictions on using their debit and credit cards.

But according to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, the reverberations and possible implications of the Cyprus bailout extend well beyond the island nation.

Appearing on the FOX Business Network, Fitz-Gerald said Cyprus had "achieved every central banker's dream. They have privatized gains and socialized losses, and this is the first of the dominoes to fall."

He said "any nation in the world is subject to this now that politicians have figured out they've gotten away with it."

To see why it matters and what else Keith had to say, check out the video below.

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Stock Market: Q1 Was One for the Record Books, So What's Next?

The U.S. stock market logged an impressive first quarter.

Shrugging off budget cuts, tax hikes, and more Eurozone misery, U.S. stocks climbed to record territory on several occasions.

On March 5, the Dow broke through its record close of 14,165, previously hit Oct. 9, 2007. Meanwhile, the S&P has been flirting with its 1,565 record high for weeks.

The most recent milestones came Thursday when the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at yet another record, and the Standard & Poor's 500 Index finally closed above its all-time high.

Thursday closed out Q1 with the Dow adding 52.38 points, or 0.36%, to close at 14,578.54. The S&P tacked on 6.34, or 0.41%, to close at 1,569.19.

Here's a look at the quarter's biggest gains and losses, as well as what investors should do now as we head into April.

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Boston Properties Seals Land Parcel Buyout - Analyst Blog

Boston Properties Inc. (BXP), in collaboration with Hines, announced the completion of the acquisition for a land parcel – 101 First Street, next to the Transbay Terminal. The companies bought the asset from Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) for roughly $192 million. 101 First Street, a 50,000 square foot land parcel, was sold at nearly […]

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After the Cyprus Bailout, Here's Where You Should Keep Your Savings Now

Now that the dust has begun to settle in Cyprus, the battered principle of deposit insurance seems to be safe-for now at least.

In the big stare-down with the European Union the final Cyprus settlement did not zap the small depositors.

Instead it simply shifted the burden further up chain. The final deal increased the "haircut" on large depositors in the Bank of Cyprus and Laika Bank from an originally proposed 9.9% to an astounding 40%.

To me, that's highway robbery — even if the Russian Mafia has to bear a big share of the brunt.

As strange as it may seem, even the Russian Mafia has rights!

The lessons here are quite clear…

Don't Underestimate This Leading Tech Giant

If you're a longtime reader, you know that I'm a "collector" of investing adages and aphorisms – you know, things like "Bulls make money, bears make money – but pigs get slaughtered" … or "Buy on the cannons, sell on the trumpets."

These long-held sayings are usually clever, are often amusing and are always easy to remember. And they can really help you make money.

One of my favorite tech-investing adages holds that "You can always spot the pioneer – he's the one with the arrows in his back."

The message: If you're going to invest in a company whose technology is out on the cutting edge, you have to make sure your research is solid. Be as certain as you can that the technology isn't ahead of its time, will find a market and isn't about to be leapfrogged by a better, more-market-friendly technology.

That's just what we've found with EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC), the storage-and-security giant that we recommended earlier this year in the Private Briefing special report "Big Trends Equal Big Profits."

In that report, we predicted that EMC would continue to gain global market share in its core disk-storage business – putting additional distance between it and its rivals.

And that's just what's happened.

Jim Rogers on the Best Investments to Make When "Everything Has Problems"

Jim Rogers, the legendary Wall Street trader and best-selling author, is at it again.

In a new book and a series of recent interviews, he's explained the best investments to make now as central bankers flood the planet with paper money, creating a nightmare environment for investors where "everything has problems."

"For the first time in recorded history, we have nearly every central bank printing money and trying to debase their currency. This has never happened before," Rogers told Chris Martenson at

Rogers blasted the "overconfident incompetents" who run the U.S. government and Wall Street. He labeled U.S. President Barack Obama as "delusional."

He said as central banks maintain policies of low interest rates and inflation, individuals and households are being punished, while the irresponsible are being rewarded.

This Tiny Biotech Wants to Terminate Drug-Resistant "Super Bugs"

My Dad, Clarence "Rob" Robinson, has always been a very tough guy.

He played football in high school, and then again as a U.S. Marine. During a game at Camp Pendleton, an injury put his right knee in a cast. Later, while fighting in Vietnam, his left knee was wounded.

But he refused to let the injuries slow him down.

Now, however, as he approaches his 80th birthday, my Dad has to take action. Next month, he goes in for a knee replacement.

It's become a pretty common procedure, so I'm not worried about the surgery itself.

But I am a bit concerned about "Super Bugs."

You know what I'm talking about. Drug-resistant Super Bugs are afflicting hospitals, clinics and patients all across the country.

In fact, I'll wager that you know of a family member, friend or co-worker who's dealt with this scary – even terrifying – malady.

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