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Don't Just Pick High Dividend Stocks - Look for This Metric

Over the past five-plus years of a near-zero interest rate environment, dividend-paying stocks – especially high dividend stocks – have been an attractive option for investors. But rising rates on the horizon necessarily change dividend stocks' favor in investors' portfolios.

Earlier this month, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) met and decided to alter language on when the Fed would start to consider an increase in interest rates. The new language provides the central bank with greater discretion to implement a rate increase, i.e. regardless of the national unemployment rate, which sits today at 6.5%.

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The Best Natural Gas Stocks for Investors Right Now

Investors looking for opportunities to grow their portfolios would do well to consider investing in the best natural gas stocks. This is due, in large part, to legislation being discussed in the committee and subcommittee levels in Congress this week that would give approval to pending applications on file to export natural gas. Increasing U.S. […]

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Hot Stocks to Watch: Today's Biggest Gainers

U.S. stocks opened higher Friday, with all three major benchmarks comfortably in the green right out of the gate.

As has been the case over the last several Fridays, initial public offerings (IPOs) dominated market news, with six companies debuting today.

Top Penny Stocks This Week: Bring Home Profits When the Market Sputters

The broader markets were up and down all week, but investors who were in on this week's top penny stocks brought home gains as high as 64% in just five days.

Through Friday afternoon, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up just 0.3% on the week, the S&P 500 was down 0.4%, and the Nasdaq had dipped 2.4% on the week.

That's why many investors turn to penny stocks. There is always the potential of landing a major windfall when picking up inexpensive stocks, even when the broader markets are underperforming.

Here are this week's top penny stocks...

The Alibaba IPO Will Make Billions of Dollars for This Tech Company

The Alibaba IPO is officially coming to the United States in 2014, and the deal is expected to raise as much as $15 billion for China's largest e-commerce company.

A Reuters report in February polled eight analysts who estimated that Alibaba could reach a valuation of $140 billion.

Naturally, investors want in on the Alibaba IPO, which is likely to be one of the largest IPOs in U.S. history. Those who are able to get their hands on shares of Alibaba before it goes public stand to make quite a profit.

But no one will be profiting quite like this company...

The Two Biggest Moneymaking Decisions You'll Ever Have to Make

Listen folks, I hate to tell you this but your chance for a comfortable retirement is falling fast!

Of course, we already know pension plans have been raided, depleted, and "financially engineered" – against the laws that were supposed to protect you.

And if you think you're protected because you're a union worker, or municipal worker, or in some other job that you figured you'd put up with because you could retire well… well, those "protection" plans are all under attack, too.

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