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Silver Prices Slip in 2014's Q1 but Consumer Demand Still Solid

Spot silver prices rose $0.07, or 0.4%, to $19.86 an ounce midday Monday as precious metal traders and investors gear up for a busy week ahead.

Market participants remain guarded, with a spate of U.S. economic data flooding in as the week wears on. Capping the busy week will be Friday's closely watched March jobs report.

Meanwhile, Monday caps the end of 2014's first quarter.

So let's take a look at silver...

2014 IPO Calendar: GrubHub IPO Headlines This Week's Eight New Offerings

This week's IPO calendar has eight companies making their public debut, and the GrubHub IPO will steal most of the headlines.

GrubHub plans to raise $148 million by offering 7 million shares at a range of $20 to $22. By meeting that total, GrubHub will have a valuation of $1.8 billion. GrubHub will hit the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, April 3. Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C), Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), and Allen & Co. are serving as the lead underwriters on the deal.

See these seven other IPOs that investors can get in on...

Dividend Stocks: Big Banks Boost Payouts, Plus a Dozen More Yield Increases

Dividend stocks news:  The big dividend news last week came from the banking sector on the heels of the U.S. Federal Reserve's stress test.

The test is aimed at ensuring big banks can handle a steep slump like the 2008 financial crisis and continue operations without a government bailout. In total, 25 banks passed the central bank's test, while five failed.

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The 2014 IPO Market Is Frenzied, but Not a Bubble

With the number of companies that have hit the IPO market in the last year, many are wondering if the market has become oversaturated. 

According to the IPO investment firm Renaissance Capital, 222 companies went public in 2013, raising a combined $54.9 billion. That made 2013 the biggest year for IPOs since the "dot-com" bubble of the early 2000s.

But before labeling the 2014 IPO market as a repeat of the dot-com era bubble, check out these statistics…

The numbers suggest otherwise...

What High-Frequency Traders Actually Do

High-frequency trading is fundamentally based on how market participants (for this discussion I'm talking about stock markets) place their orders to buy and sell shares and how HFT players act on those orders.

For every stock that's traded there is always (or at least it used to be "always") a "bid" and an "ask" price. Sometimes you'll hear the term "offer" or "offered" price, those terms are interchangeable with the term "ask" or "asking price."

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Today's Stock Market News: Obamacare Deadline Arrives

Today's stock market news, March 31, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 58.8 points on Friday to finish at 16,323.0. The Nasdaq increased 4.5 points to finish at 4,155.7, while the S&P 500 rose 8.5 points to close at 1,857.6.

Monday kicks off a busy week of economic data on the global economy. Multiple central banks will hold April policy meetings while U.S. investors will find out whether or not the winter weather has hindered job growth across the nation.

Here are the other stories moving markets today:

Profit from the Huge Price Surge... That You've Created

It's been five months since we last checked in on palladium, the precious metal so critical to the consumer electronics we use hundreds of times a day.

At the time I said I was bullish for a number of market reasons.

As it turns out, there were even more…

Now it's time for another close look, since the bullish forces are only picking up speed.

What's more, some new ones have materialized, pointing to a massively profitable palladium spike