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The 3 Top Penny Stocks to Buy Now with 488% Return Potential

Penny stocks have gotten a lot of attention from the media this year.

We have seen Robinhood investors drive some ridiculous moves in low price stocks that ended badly when reality interceded… One of the best examples this year is Eastman Kodak Co.


The stock went from being an irrelevant $2.10 bankrupt company on July 24, to as high as $60.00 per share just five days later on July 29.

This insanity was driven by speculative retail investors who probably didn't start buying until Kodak was $10 or more… And if they haven't exited the position yet, they're sitting on some pretty hefty losses now that KODK is only trading for about $8 per share.

All that being said, this does not mean we should quit looking for low priced stocks with the characteristics that could lead to massive gains.

When these low-priced stocks begin to move, and the big institutional money realizes these are real companies with growing profits and sound balance sheets, their buying pressure can drive the shares higher than you ever imagined…


Make Sure This One Stock Is on Your Buy List for 2021

The high-profile, conservative investing magazine Kiplinger has officially put cannabis on its “radar” for the new year, meaning cannabis stocks are poised for a rally more powerful than any you’ve ever seen.

But this one stock missing from Kiplinger’s list is set to be one of the best marijuana stocks to buy for 2021… .


The 2 Best Call Options to Buy Before the Next Stimulus Bill

The best thing about 2020 is traders get to bet on the resilience of the human spirit.

Catalyst after catalyst have sparked massive profits for traders who knew where to look.

Just think about some of the innovations we've seen solve problems this year – fast tracked vaccine development, online learning, beefed up take out and food delivery services, and new thinking about how business itself gets done.

Now, another industry is about to solve one of America's biggest problems: infrastructure.

And it will be doing it with the backing of trillions of dollars.

You see, the next stimulus is likely going to be loaded with infrastructure funding.

Buying the best call options on stocks set to rake in this cash and solve this problem will make for windfall profits for traders.

That's why we've turned to Money Morning Quantitative Specialist Chris Johnson to find the best options to trade on this breakout sector.


This Tech Stock Makes Money Every Time You Shop

Nearly 100,000 businesses closed due to COVID-19 this year.

Yelp Inc.

(NYSE: YELP) reported 60% of its listings permanently shuttered.

Now, with a second wave of COVID-19 underway, businesses will again scramble for ways to avoid becoming a statistic.

The tech stock we have for you today is part of the solution.

We’re talking an industry poised for 178% growth.

It was valued at $2.8 billion in 2019.

But Cision says it could hit $7.8 billion by 2027.

Thing is, you wouldn’t know it.

You interact with this almost every day, yet you hardly think about it.



How I’m Trading XRT This Coming Week

Like just about everything else this year, Black Friday, today, is shaping up to look mighty different. Lots of retailers are coming forward to announce their annual "game plan," but some outfits just plain didn't open up on Thanksgiving yesterday.

Plenty of retailers – Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond – jump to mind.

Now, some companies said they did it for safety reasons; the coronavirus pandemic is as bad as it's ever been in many places, making packed aisles a dicey proposition. Other retailers say they were rewarding employees that have had to go "above and beyond" over the past year.

The "traditional" ways traders have cashed in on Black Friday in the past aren't necessarily going to work here in 2020.

Here's what to do… Full Story

Here's what to do...

A New Bitcoin All-Time High Is Imminent

The early stages of the third “supply shock” are being felt by the world’s first and only truly decentralized digital asset – Bitcoin.

Currently trading for $19,245, a new Bitcoin all time high above $19,783 is imminent.

How much further it could grow after that is anyone’s guess.

I personally believe somewhere between $100,000 and $300,000 per Bitcoin before the end of 2021 is quite reasonable.

The reason for Bitcoin’s record-breaking rally is simple and it’s happening basically by design.


Here’s what’s pushing Bitcoin prices higher and why they’ll continue to rise…

The Best Options Trades on Black Friday Stocks

We don't have to tell you that this has been such a crazy year for stocks.

It's making this Black Friday and holiday sales season an even bigger deal too.

And you can make a quick and tidy profit by trading the best options on the stocks that will move the most this holiday shopping season.

This could be a make or break event for retailers who've struggled to get foot traffic since the pandemic started earlier this year.

With more people shopping online and buying different things than normal, retailers are pulling out all the stops to get sales, including week long discounts and online deals.

We expect to see retail stocks swing more this year as the winners and losers shake out.

That's the perfect environment to trade options.


This Fintech Stock Could Hand You Fast Profits over the Holidays

As Black Friday prepares to kick off an almost entirely online holiday shopping season, this digital payment platform could hand you triple-digit gains.

Between Christmas shopping, COVID-19, and overwhelming support for small businesses, this stock is smack in the middle of the perfect storm of money making catalysts.

Click here for the trade details on this, the latest from Fast Profits with Money Morning...

My Top Five SPDR Picks for 2021 and Beyond

The S&P 500’s up rather nicely, hitting an all-time closing high, ever since Pfizer and Moderna announced their COVID-19 vaccine news.

But not everyone has yet caught on to all this “pent-up demand” and all the profit opportunities it offers.

Take a look….